XQc claims some gaming sponsorships are “fictional … fake” when it comes to how much Twitch streamers actually spend

Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel — one of the biggest gambling streamers lately — has clarified the logistics of how his gamble sponsorship, gamba, works amid widespread speculation. The juicer also compares his situation to other streamer sponsorships, claiming that some of their gambling balances are “fake”.

The controversy stems from the top streamers who bet on stream with piles of money believed to be provided by gambling sponsors. Many viewers are tired of tuning in to their favorite streamer, just to watch them bet for hours or be encouraged to visit gambling sites because of the flow extensions that direct them in that direction.

This frustration is even more evident in the state of xQc, since 10 months ago he apologized to his fans, telling them that he would not play again.

Ludwig took part in the controversy, calling on Twitch to end gaming flows on the platform. He also thinks that there are two reasons why streamers like xQc continue to gamble in the stream, despite the fact that viewers are tired of it: you do it on the internet and two, if you do it with sponsorship, you will make a lot of money “.

In response to Ludwig’s comments, xQc described the details of his gambling status, explaining that his gambling funds are something called “raw balance”.

“It’s a raw balance, I have my own juice (money), I get more juice over the juice,” explained the top Twitch star. “Then when I gamble, I gamble, and if it falls – and it goes to nothing, then I hold nothing. “But if I win, and I get something, or I stay stable (depending on the balance), I keep those amounts.”

“Some of them [other] agreements are bullshit. “

“But if I win, I only keep a certain part of it, right? “So, literally, the whole point of Gamba (xQc sponsorship) is high risk, high reward, with the house having an advantage.”

“These [other] agreements, reduce the risk and cut the reward, and make it a stagnant advertising dog, showing something that is not real. It’s a fantasy. It is fake.”

“This is not even the same thing.”

In other words, using the gambling fund streamer can be misleading on multiple levels when associated with a gambling sponsor. The capital you see being gained or lost probably does not always translate into what is really happening — if xQc has anything to say about it.

Aside from the fact that the contract was discussed behind closed doors, it is not always clear how much the top streamers earn from gambling sponsorships.

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