Woman receives emergency protection order against Rajon Rondo, claims Cleveland Cavaliers point guard threatened her with a gun

The NBA announced Monday that it is in the process of gathering more information after veteran point guard Razon Rondo allegedly threatened a woman with a gun in her home last week.

The woman filed for emergency protection against Rondo on Friday in Louisville, Kentucky, a copy of which was received by ESPN’s Baxter Holmes. The order was issued later that day.

Her allegations were made in the request for the EPO.

In it, he claimed that Rondo and a child were playing video games on Wednesday when he asked the child to take off his clothes. Rondo reacted angrily, according to the woman, tore the game console off the wall and broke several items in the house, leaving the boy and another child there upset.

The woman claims that Rondo told her “you are dead” before leaving the house, to return a little later, this time with a gun and demanding to see one of the children. The woman said she was scared of the situation, so she brought the child down and Rondo pulled the child out, allegedly still holding the gun, while he was shouting at him. He then asked to see the other child, and she went out as well, as Rondo shouted at both of them that she was afraid of him, the woman claimed.

According to the EPO provided by ESPN, the woman called the former interim chief of the Louisville Metro, Yvette Gentry, who eventually arrived home. However, the woman said Rondo would not allow Gentry to enter. The woman said she was locked in the house with the children and Gentry finally told her that Rondo had left and she had his gun.

The woman filed a protection order Friday, telling her she feared for the safety of the children and that Rondo had a history of “volatile, unstable [and] explosive behavior “.

The order was issued later Friday, with a judge saying Rondo must stay at least 500 feet away from the woman and children and must temporarily hand over the firearms to Jefferson County Sheriff’s office.

NBA spokesman Mike Bass told ESPN’s Malika Andrews that the league is aware of what allegedly happened and is “in the process of gathering more information”. The messages left by ESPN to Rondo’s representatives were not immediately returned.

TMZ Sports, which first examined the allegations on Monday, said Rondo had not been named as a suspect in any of the criminal reports related to what allegedly happened “at this time”.

Rondo, who is from Louisville and played collectively in Kentucky, has just finished his 16th season in the NBA. The four-time All-Star and two-time NBA champion played 18 games for the Los Angeles Lakers before the January exchange with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 21 games for the Cavs, he averaged 6.2 points and 4.9 assists.

This report uses information from ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne.

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