Woman furious as National Express coach’s “cramped” seats leave her leg “bruised”

Kirsty Leanne was furious after a recent trip by National Express bus that left her with bruises on her leg thanks to the “cramped” seats and the “tight” seat belts.

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The passenger of the redundant bus says that the express trip at the national level left her bruised

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after hitting the National Express for the size of the “cramped” coach seats that left her “bruised” – even after closing a seat that had more legroom.

Kirsty Leanne, 29, shared a video of her experience with the service coach, which she described as “very uncomfortable”, as she was left sitting with a metal object pressing her foot and wearing a very tight seat belt.

The woman, from Shropshire, had previously made headlines after sharing her experience flying to Ryan Air, where she complained about seat sizes, but said the National Express coach’s seats were even smaller than those of the low-cost airline.

He told her in the video: “The seats are even smaller than the air seats. “My hand felt very cramped in the window.”

Kirsty said the coach seats were too small


Jam Press Vid / @ kirstyleannetravels)

He also received a bruise from the metal lever


Jam Press Vid / @ kirstyleannetravels)

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Kirsty was traveling on April 21 from Birmingham International Airport to Stansted Airport, where she was catching a flight to Hamburg.

And although she paid an extra 50 2.50 to close a seat she knew would have more space, she was able to film elements of a metal lever on the side of her seat that continued to “dig” her leg.

He added: “This kept digging into my leg and left a bruise.

“The seat belt was crossed and so tight and uncomfortable. I could not find any information about the extensions on their site. “

Kirsty is sharing her great travel tips online


Jam Press / (kirstyleannetravels)

He has commented on Ryan Air small seats in the past


Jam Press / (kirstyleannetravels)

However, paying more for extra space worked well as she agreed that there was “a lot of legroom” during the trip, even with the piece of metal left by a bruise.

The blogger, who shares travel tips on Plus Size Travel Too’s blog, later said she was informed after her trip that National Express buses do have a belt extension and urged people to ask for one when boarding if they think they will need it. .

He told NeedToKnow: “I paid to book a seat that I knew had room – in the front where there is no front seat – which meant I had a little more legroom than if I was a few rows behind.

“However, I was still cramped when he came to the window, as there is a ledge where the window protrudes and digs into your shoulder.

“Since I had no one above me, I could move a little to the next seat, but if someone was sitting next to me, it would be painful after a long time.

“The seat belt was another issue, as it was a cross with not much space. I felt uncomfortable wearing it and could sit slightly lying in my seat when it was on.

“I’ve learned since then that all National Express coaches have a belt extension, so it’s definitely worth asking when boarding if you think you’ll need one.

“The seats were also small. I would say they are smaller than airline seats, but in reality I could not find information about their width on the Internet – but I contacted to ask, as I believe this information should be immediately available to those who need it when planning their trip .

“There is also a small lever on the side of the seats that due to lack of space, dug into my side and left me with a small bruise on my leg. “Because of this, I would suggest that you sit in a seat in the hallway if possible.”

Although she was unhappy with her experience, Kirsty acknowledged that National Express buses are a “great way” to travel on a tighter budget than train travel, and said that if you are prepared with what to expect. before boarding the bus, it can plan more efficiently.

He added: “The National Express is a great way to get from A to B and I think if you are prepared with this information in advance, you can definitely do things to feel a little more comfortable.

“One of the main things that keeps big people from traveling is not knowing what to expect when they travel, so I like to prepare them for it by showing them how certain experiences are.”

A National Express spokesman said: “Customer comfort is important to us, as all our coaches are equipped with reclining seats, offering a seat size and legroom (step) comparable to other means of public transport:

  • Seat size 450 mm wide versus 430-457 mm on short-haul flights
  • Foot space (step) 760-780 mm vs. 710-860 mm on short-haul flights

In this case, the passenger used the option to pre-book a standard seat. Extra legroom is not an option in this service.

“You can contact our assisted travel team for any additional needs if a passenger has concerns. We also offer seat belt extensions that can be requested by the driver.”

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