Wolf Notes: Gobert, Township, Durant, Murray

Wolf Notes: Gobert, Township, Durant, Murray

Wolf Notes: Gobert, Township, Durant, Murray

Although the Wood chips Encouraged by last season’s success, there was an “internally significant feeling” that the team would hit the wall before being nominated for a legitimate title if it didn’t make at least one other major development, writes Athlete John Kravinsky.

This line of thought was the impetus behind the team’s blockbuster business deal for the three-time defensive player. Rudy Gubert. As Kravinsky explains, the office had a hard time getting to know another player around the NBA who could point out the club’s many weaknesses and be available for the package that Minnesota was ready to offer.

Timberwolf predicts that Gobert will make life easier for his new teammates, allowing them to gamble more on defense and giving. Gospel Russell A great and role-playing companion that organizes screens well and can be a threat to the game.

The wolves also believe they can make Gobert’s life easier – Minnesota has strong protectors.Anthony Edwards, Jaden McDaniels, Kyle Anderson, Prince Torian) Compared to Utah, and Carl Anthony TownshipThe ability to make outside shots will complete the game inside Gobert, Kravinsky notes.

Here’s more about the wolves and their list shakeup:

  • Sources told Kravinsky that Gobert had expressed interest in playing with the Timberwolves and that the townspeople were particularly supportive of the move.
  • According to Kravinsky, Volos sources were disappointed throughout the process that a deal would indeed be reached, and a deal by Friday morning appears to be “in jeopardy.” Minnesota was ready to shift its focus to other goals Miles Turner Or Clint Capella Earlier in the day, Gobert’s talks were re-enacted on Friday when Utah agreed to a deal without McDaniels.
  • Before making a deal for Gobert, the Lions made “several calls.” Nets with regard to Kevin DurantSources told Krzynski. However, Minnesota did not want to leave Edwards or Township for Durant, so there was not much talk.
  • Timberwolves were also in the mix for this Dejounte Murray And they could have stopped the Hawks for that, but the fact doesn’t show that they value Gobert very much, Kravinsky sees.
  • Star Tribune’s Chris Hein takes a closer look at the impact that Gubert’s acquisition will have on the Lions, both offensively and defensively, as well as from a pay-per-view perspective.

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