What the Travel Influencer assistant buys for her boss

Assistant is a bit of a fascinating term. Sure, they schedule appointments, take notes, and retrieve coffee, but they can also act as a quasi-concierge, sending fruit baskets to top customers and buying gifts for associates. In an effort to uncover the very specific material needs of powerful people, we met 24-year-old Lisa, who began helping her top-notch travel boss a little over a year ago. We talked to her about the deceptive macarons, the six-foot-long green screen that popped on the train, and the off-season decorations she went on a wild duck hunt to find.

Because Lisa’s boss is often photographed alone in hotel rooms, he relies on a variety of props to create a sense of fullness. (Her brand is feminine and floral, so bouquets of pink and white roses, candles and champagne can be found in many of her photos.) effort paid from behind the scenes. “The only reason they seem effortless is because they are good at their job.”

Vogue Italia

In the photos of an influencer, every little detail is appropriate. Lisa says her boss once sent her to buy a magazine with a cover in a “shooting color”. At the booth, Lisa sent her boss a video with all the available titles. finally, that month Fashion was selected for its blue cover. “A lot of the things I buy,” he says, “quality does not matter and cost does not matter. It matters what it looks like. “

Party City Balloons

Lisa says she often has to pick up balloons – usually in shades of pink, red and yellow – for shots from a party town on 34th Street. Lisa says that “people on 34th Street are different from people everywhere, especially after COVID”, so every time her boss sends her there, she is absolutely terrified that someone will come and start popping the balloons my”. (Although she never had a problem confusing her – or with balloons.) Another supply mission saw Lisa chasing holiday decorations in October after her boss sponsored an ad-sponsored advertising campaign. It finally happened to some at a Dollar Tree in Haarlem, “enough that we could decorate the room to look Christmas.”

Ladurée Macarons

Lisa’s first luxury trip with her boss was to Paris for a photoshoot for the influencer fashion line. The two worked together to create “high-glam” images – including one in which Lisa’s boss can be seen enjoying a champagne and macaroni Ladurée in front of a window framing the Eiffel Tower.

But, in fact, not all cookies it was by Ladurée. “When we bought macaroni from Ladurée, it was not that we wanted the macaroni, on their own – we wanted the boxes,” says Lisa. So he bought a pack of six from Ladurée and then went to another bakery closer to the couple’s hotel to buy some less expensive, unknown macaroni. She was also commissioned to supply champagne pink, which was chosen exclusively for its color. (No one on the shoot drank as much as a sip.)

Lisa’s job is to provide style support, download content and replay – all with the goal of making her boss appear as sophisticated on the internet as possible. “If you use the tools you have well, no one should notice that you used them,” says Lisa. For Lisa’s 23rd birthday, her boss bought a brand new iPhone 12 Pro. After the initial shock passed, Lisa says she realized that the gift, although generous, may not have been completely altruistic. “When we go out and shoot,” he says, “I have to have behind-the-scenes footage and other content. “If I have a better phone, it means that her videos will be of better quality.”

Fujifilm Quicksnap 135 Flash Camera 400-27exp

For their most recent trip to Spain, France and England in the first three weeks of April, Lisa made sure to include this Fujifilm camera in Amazon’s pre-order. Photographs taken with a disposable camera provide visual variety on a carousel along with videos and iPhone shots, says Lisa. In addition, Fujifilm can be used to capture moments that may not require full grooming, such as Lisa’s boss’s husband sleeping while she was doing her hair. “The fact that it is disposable, the photos are a little less stressful,” says Lisa. “You really do not know what it will look like, so it makes no sense to come back.”

Markers Sharpie Chisel-Tip, 12 Count

Very good deal

On this same trip to the euro, Lisa’s boss had the idea to keep messages like “Influencing is a real career”, à la Dude With Sign. The cardboard (coming from Lisa’s neighbors) became more and more hit as Lisa passed it in three countries with her Away Large, but the words remained legible because of these very thick markers.

Seamless photo of paper backdrop

Lisa says she was once commissioned to get a green screen so that her boss would not have to digitally remove backgrounds from a series of downloads for a project. It was not a brilliant job. “Imagine carrying a six-foot box on the train,” he says. Lisa says her boss ended up “making her husband stand there holding the green screen in the middle of Roosevelt Island”. Because Lisa’s employer is not based in New York, the green screen and a vending kit ended up being stored in Lisa’s studio apartment in the city center. She says her boss told her, “If you ever wanted to start a YouTube channel, now you have the equipment.”

Set of 16 nylon spring springs

At one point, Lisa says she had to go to the hardware store because her employer had borrowed a dress from a designer who was too big. The influencer got Lisa to buy some clamps to get it on the back, the “smaller, leaner” ones so that they would not be seen in the photos. And they are now in storage in Lisa’s apartment.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Many of Lisa’s works revolve around Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Illustrator: Premiere Pro to edit her boss’s videos, podcasts, and occasional reels, and Photoshop and Illustrator to modify individual posts for her employer’s social networking flows. Lisa, who worked in graphic design, says that while her boss handles her own photo editing and retouching, she has helped determine the visual identities of some of her boss’s businesses.

Adobe’s monthly subscription comes out of Lisa’s pocket, but at least she no longer works from her personal computer: One day, she told her boss how her 2016 heavy, noisy laptop would be delayed as she tried to edit it. Her boss said quickly, “I can not do that. “We’m bringing you a new computer,” he told her to go to the Apple Store to get a new MacBook Pro.

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