We made a PlayStation Plus explanation that is better than Sony’s

Layers upon layers.

Since Sony announced its upcoming transition to a new, multi-tier PlayStation Plus subscription service in March, the company has tried to explain the many benefits of this service in thousands of words (sometimes confusing) in two blog posts and a FAQ. . We have tried to analyze these benefits with our own posts that contain thousands of more (hopefully less confusing) words.

But as we tried to understand the new offerings, we discovered that we wanted a more concise, readable summary that analyzes each level of the new PlayStation Plus at a glance. And we realized that if we wanted that kind of quick reference, some of our readers could too.

So enjoy this analysis of the new PlayStation Plus, as clear and concise as we could make it without leaving anything important. We will try to keep this post up to date as Sony adds or clarifies new features.

Invoicing / benefits summary

Essential In addition Premium
Monthly price $ 9.99 $ 14.99 $ 17.99
Quarterly price $ 24.99 $ 39.99 $ 49.99
Annual price $ 59.99 $ 99.99 $ 119.99
Two monthly downloadable games Χ Χ Χ
The cloud stores Χ Χ Χ
Online access for multiple players Χ Χ Χ
PlayStation Plus Collection (on PS5) Χ Χ Χ
Downloadable PS4 / PS5 games Χ Χ
The Ubisoft + Classics game series Χ Χ
Downloadable PS1 / PS2 / PSP games Χ
Flowable PS3 games Χ
Streaming access to PS1 / PS2 / PS4 / PSP games Χ
Limited time toy testing Χ

Basic tier benefits

Two monthly downloadable games

  • These are usually PS4 games these days, sometimes with PS5 enhancements
    • Since the beginning of 2020, PS Plus has offered 11 PS5 exclusives and 5 PSVR exclusives
  • You can access these games as long as you subscribe

The cloud stores

  • 100 GB of cloud storage per console for PS4 and PS5
  • Limit of 1,000 saved files for PS4

Online access for multiple players

  • No subscription required for free games like Fortnite.

PlayStation Plus Collection (on PS5)

  • A collection of 19 “classic” PS4 games that can be played on the PS5
    • Not available on PS4
    • The full list of games, which has not changed since 2020, is available here

Additional benefits

Downloadable PS4 / PS5 games

  • 62 titles that have been announced so far, “up to 400” were promised in March
    • 50 PS4 exclusives (playable on PS5)
    • Nine PS4 games with “enhanced” versions of PS5
    • Three exclusives for PS5
    • 38 titles of first manufacturer, 24 titles of third parties
    • The full list of titles that have been announced so far is available here

The “Ubisoft + Classics” game series.

  • This is not the complete 100 series of Ubisoft + games released in 2019. It is a cut version for PlayStation Plus owners
  • The “Classics” project will be released with 27 titles and will expand to 50 by the end of 2022, says Ubisoft
  • The full list of titles announced so far is available here

Privilege privileges

Downloadable PS1 / PS2 / PSP games

  • 28 titles announced so far, “up to 340” (including streaming PS3 games) promised in March
    • 19 titles of first manufacturer, nine titles of third parties
    • Nine PS1, 18 PS2, 1 PSP title
    • The full list of titles that have been announced so far is available here
  • “Some” classic games will have “improved frame rates and higher quality resolution compared to the original boot versions”
  • “Some” PS1 / PSP games will also have a new user interface and save-anywhere / restore capabilities
  • The PS2 games announced so far will be “remaster”, although the specific meaning is not clear at this time

Flowable games

  • Stream to PS4, PS5 or PC
  • The stream is currently available in 19 countries, plus 11 as of June
    • The full list of streaming availability by country is available here (scroll down)
  • So far, 29 streaming PS3 titles have been announced
    • 21 first-class titles, eight third-party titles
    • It has not been remastered
    • There are no downloadable versions for PS3 games
    • The full list of titles that have been announced so far is available here
  • Streaming for available PS1 / PS2 / PS4 / PSP games was reported in Sony’s blog post in March, but was not specifically mentioned in its latest update
    • The fine print says “stream may not be available for some games”
  • PlayStation Now has a much wider list of streaming PS2 / PS3 / PS4 games

Limited time toy testing

  • Six titles have been announced so far
    • First two, four third
    • Two PS5 exclusives, four PS4 titles with PS5 enhancements
    • The full list of titles that have been announced so far is available here
  • Trials will last two hours “for most games”
  • Trophies / save test transfer data if you purchase the game

Other notes

  • The remaining PlayStation Plus subscriptions will be converted to Essential subscriptions
  • The remaining PlayStation Now subscriptions will be converted to Premium subscriptions
  • If PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions remain, you will be converted to a Premium subscription for the duration of the longest remaining subscription.
  • Some PS1 / PSP games purchased as downloads will be available for free download on PS4 / PS5, even without a PlayStation Plus subscription

Scheduled transition time

  • Asia (excluding Japan): May 24
  • Japan: June 2
  • America: June 13
  • Europe, Australia, New Zealand: 23 June

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