Updating Google Docs is a treat for writers who are obsessed with productivity

Documents will allow you to highlight and work with multiple sections of text at once

From research, typing, fact checking, writing content can be very time consuming. As a result, writers are always on the lookout for hacks that can help make things easier or speed up the process, even a little bit. The latest Google Docs update does just that, introducing a game-changing feature that optimizes repetitive changes, hopefully making formatting and editing documents much faster.

Google announced on its Workspace blog that Documents will now be able to highlight multiple text options at once. This simple but useful quality adjustment means you can delete, copy, paste, or format multiple offline text sections from the same document. Suppose you were looking to format some subtitles, for example: Instead of applying the header setting to single lines, you can select them all in one go and then apply the change in bulk at once. The same is true when you want certain parts of your document to use different fonts or any other formatting changes.


Users will be able to take advantage of the feature with keyboard shortcuts that vary depending on the operating system. For ChromeOS and Windows, you can enable multiple text selection by highlighting a portion of your text and then pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left / Right Arrow, using the left and right arrows to move to a new section. On a Mac, simply highlight a portion of the text and press Ctrl + Command (⌘) + Shift + Left / Right Arrow must do the trick. The feature is available gradually and may take up to 15 days before it arrives for you. But once that happens, bloggers can use it to boost their productivity.

Google always updates Documents to make them richer in features. Earlier this month, it introduced table templates and growing brands. And in Google I / O 2022, the company announced automatic document summaries (and other Workspace products) that will leverage Google’s years of artificial intelligence to analyze your documents, draw on the most important data, and create a summary.


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