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Yaya and Lloyd met at university. Their combined passion for travel led them to a journey around the world running their travel blog together. They manage Hand Luggage Only, a travel diary that follows them around the world. The two of them, who met in Cambridge, have gathered some special support peaks. They have now shared these tips with

Specialized packaging tips

Use block packaging

“Exclude packaging instead of layered packaging,” the payee suggested. “Do not pack just one item (eg t-shirts) along the entire length of the base of the suitcase.

“Fill your luggage to pieces. This prevents you from searching your suitcase when you are on the road.”

Combining clothes and putting them together means that you will only need to take some things out of the suitcase at all times, all together.

However, if your suitcase is multi-layered in terms of items, you will find yourself digging it up and making your suitcase a disorganized mess.

Limit the space of shoes

Shoe boxes are unnecessary and take up a lot of space, experts say.

They commented: “Do not put shoes in heavy boxes that fill your suitcase.

“Use shower caps (placed on the base of the shoes) to have more space and keep your clothes clean.”

Shower caps keep your shoes together and compact, freeing up space.

Choose the right luggage for you and your packing style

If you have a preferred packaging method, why not optimize it?

The expert said: “Some people like to pack everything in one place.

Others like to segment and cut things out (eg toiletries separated from electronics in case of leakage).

“It’s better to buy luggage that suits you the way you like to pack instead of trying to make the wrong suitcase work for you.”

It emerged after a Reddit user exposed a “folding” method that claims to allow you to “carry more” as well as prevent wrinkling of clothes.

They explained: “I stopped rolling and folding and my clothes are less crumpled when I arrive and I can carry more to the same place. I can pack for a week in just a few minutes.”

They described how they did it, and it basically involves creating a pile.

“I spread the first object on the bed or on the floor,” they said.

“Then I lay the next object rotating 90 degrees from above. I keep rotating 90 degrees and laying until I have it all in one pile. I finish with my underwear and socks from the top to the middle.

“Then I fold all four corners and put it in my suitcase.”

More packaging tips

Make a list

Make a list, even the things you assume you will never forget. In the rush of travel, you do not want to leave anything to chance. And the probability of human error is high amidst stress.

Choose fabrics that will travel well

Choose fabrics that do not crease. This will reduce the need for a travel iron and you will look much more fit on vacation.

Pack what you will wear on top first

Save yourself by shuffling the rest of your package and crumpling other clothes by packing the first clothes you will wear on top.

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