The “Witcher School” was forced to close due to political controversy

Geralt is standing in a pub while a group of men are watching.

Picture: CD Project Red

Until recently, a “Witcher School” in Poland hosted live-action role-playing (LARP) events for fans of the hugely popular fantasy series with its official blessing Witcher-Project editor of the CD series Projekt Red. But last Friday, its organizers, a company called 5 Żywiołów, was announced that the “school” would be permanently closed, citing the CDPR’s decision to withdraw its license. The organizers of the event claim that it was due to the work of a staff member in an extreme right-wing conservative group that opposes abortion and LGBTQ rights. (h / t Eurogamer)

According next comment on Facebook by the Witcher School organizers, the CDPR “terminated the license agreement” with a three-month notice back in late February. Although the CDPR did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication, it was at the time of negative media caution around a staff member, Anna Wawrzyniak.

In an email to Kotaku5 Żywiołów said that Wawrzyniak worked on the Witcher School project from 2017 to 2019. Also, drafted legal opinions for Ordo Iuris, if superconservative thought tank this was’ organic in Poland almost complete ban on abortions and with influence in its creation Zones without LGBTQ. »

Event company co-founder Dastin Wawrzyniak (Anna Wawrzyniak’s husband) said Kotaku that his relationship with the game studio was previously “excellent”. He said 5 Żywiołów often worked for the CDPR and would even organize a picnic for the studio staff. CDPR did not participate in the creation of the LARP plot, but the Witcher School license allowed the event company to use characters from Witcher games to tell original stories.

5 Żywiołów emphasized that the company kept the professional and private sectors of its employees separate. “We do not yet intend to evaluate the views and activities in the private sphere of our colleagues and participants,” he wrote in a response to the comment below Friday’s statement. “This would open a Pandora’s box full of prejudices and quarrels. You know we created a very comprehensive project, without paying attention to differences and divisions.”

The feeling seems logical if you are talking about pineapple on pizza and not, say, whether or not an employer is trying to ban abortions or legislate queer Poles out of public life. This is exactly what Ordo Iuris has successfully achieved.

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