The Steam Deck web browser needs to be badly updated

The Steam Deck web browser needs to be badly updated

The Steam Deck web browser needs to be badly updated

The steam deck screen shows the logo for the Firefox web browser which is cracked in half.

Screenshot: Valve / Mozilla / Kotaku

As reported Playing on LinuxAnd talked about it Reddit, Steam Deck has a bit of a security problem with the worst version of Firefox. Valve has reportedly promised a solution, but that won’t come until the next SteamOS update. This is less than ideal.

The current version of the popular non-Chrome browser is 102.0.1, while SteamOS supports the six-monthly version 96.0.3. You don’t need to be a regular defaulter hacking conference to know that you shouldn’t go around with an old web browser, especially the one you use to store passwords, oh, I don’t know, social media websites , Banking websites, Or even steam itself. (By the way: don’t keep passwords in your browser. These are password managers.)

Valve’s latest major SteamOS update arrives on May 26, with repeated customer updates in the coming weeks. However, none updated the January build of Firefox. There is also a beta for the next OS update, but you have to choose between and this is not the latest build. This beta does not update Firefox, nor does changing the operating system to a beta is usually a good way to improve one’s security.

Kotako Reached the valve for comment.

While drawing too much of this particular issue might create a mountain from Mall Hill (to be fair, I’m far from a security expert), it generally poses a challenge with SteamOS and Linux games.

As the most recent Steam hardware and software survey resultsLinux users account for only 1.18% of Steam’s population. A small amount for sure, but one that is growing with the growing popularity of the original Linux steam deck. People who typically run Linux operating systems are more than capable of keeping them safe, but what happens when the SteamOS population grows to a stage where it becomes an attractive target for vulnerable exploits and malware distribution ? And with Steam Deck being advertised to the general public and not just to hackers, keeping the Linux machine safe “DOS and NO” just becomes more important.

If you have a Windows background, the way Linux manages app installs may seem strange, with terms like “flatpack”, “snap” and “repository”. Linux has its own way of doing things, and it’s a bit more complicated than double-clicking setup.exe. There are also no “Linux advocates” who will always ask you “Are you sure you want to install this?” SteamDeck’s “desktop status” may look similar to Windows or MacOS, and I believe Valve prioritizes security, but adding random commands from the Internet to the wrong storage can make things as simple as doing epic games. To display store or GOG games. Getting on Steam can easily get you in trouble if you are not 100% sure how to keep your machine safe.

For many, Steam Deck may not only be their first Linux gaming device, but their first experience with the Linux era (Android doesn’t count). As Steam Deck and SteamOS continue to gain users, many will be more interested in just running their games properly with the least possible hassle, rather than on how to secure the Linux OS. Manage to learn. Right now, a lot. “Unknown Linux Games Questions“Responds by generous, supportive enthusiasts, not bad actors. But it’s not hard to imagine someone with bad intentions and the knowledge of how to take advantage of situations like old software to take advantage of users.” Steps are taken by those who do not know, say, the dangers of running random scripts.

The consoles are locked to the gaming environment for a number of reasons, but security is certainly the most important among them. And while Windows security can certainly be compromised, most of us just assume that Windows advocates will save us from a complete disaster. And it usually does. The valve may be correct All goes to Linux for the future of the game, But security challenges only grow as the steam deck gains popularity. Going forward, Valve will be smart to do its best to keep security considerations at the forefront, and it will ask for more up-to-date updates with an eye on the complexity of potentially serious damages as its user The base becomes large enough to attract negative profits.

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