The release date of the PS5 Pro is set for 2023 according to the TCL

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The PS5 is one of the most successful consoles of all time, with demand never seeming to slow down. While many PlayStation fans have speculated that there was a mid-range upgrade, there was still a lot of uncertainty about what this upgrade would look like or if it would happen.

Well, the good news is probably here. Finally. According to TCL, Sony and Microsoft are going to unveil the new consoles sometime next year. PPE was at the press conference where TCL, a TV maker, presented its ideas in preparation for the next generation of consoles. Of course, Gen 9.5 is a mid-range upgrade, something we’re used to in every release, and this leak fuels the already circulating rumors about what’s next.

A new XK Series X / S and PS5 capable of 8K looks a little ahead of its time, but TCL expects 8K capable devices to be introduced, with the GPU RX 7700XT appearing on the slide. Will the masses be able to benefit from 8K? The cost of an 8K TV or screen is quite high, so a mid-range upgrade in 2023 sounds pretty bold. TCL said the devices will be able to deliver 60-120 FPS in 4K and 8K output, which could depend on what AMD’s FSR 2.0 upgrade brings to the table.

Possible release date of the PS5 Pro

While the debate over whether or not we will see a middle-aged update continues this time around, this presentation gives us hope. Mid-range upgrades are not new, however, with the PS4 for example, 4K games have become accessible, so an upgrade made a lot of sense to bridge the gap with the current generation of consoles. For the PS5 Pro, many thought the next step was obviously 8K and it looks like it could be a proper call. Hopefully we will see higher refresh rates with the Pro, but until Sony announces, everything is speculation.

Current forecasts, along with the TCL slide show put the Release date of PS5 Pro at the end of 2023.

PS5 Pro Specifications Predictions – What Upgrades Are Rumored?

We expect that most areas of the PS5 Pro will exceed the original, otherwise the potential price just would not be worth it. CNET speculated that the processor could see a boost, possibly using an AMD Zen 4 and RDNA 3 CPU / GPU collaboration. This extra power could bring about the performance improvements we’ve heard from YouTuber RedGamingTech, with up to two and a half times the enhancement of ray detection titles. Ideally, this would also mean that we could see upgraded 4K to 120 FPS, native 4K to 60 FPS with compact beam detection and storage enhancement.

Would the PS5 Pro release be worth the upgrade?

If the rumors surrounding the PS5 Pro turn out to be true and the performance boost is more than double that of ray detection, then yes. If the console is the top price, say, $ 700, it will offer unbeatable performance for the price. No gaming computer or alternative computer could match this value for money. It all depends on your needs, as the current PS5 includes many boxes, including 4K games.

If you are someone who always wants the best, and you are lucky enough to be able to afford an 8K TV / monitor, the Pro becomes a very attractive mid-range upgrade. For the majority who already have a PS5, the supposed upgrade is probably not worth it.

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