The options for traveling from Heathrow to central London by train

Heathrow is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom and is always ranked high among the busiest airports in the world. It is located west of the British capital, right on the M25 motorway. For passengers wishing to enter the city without driving, there are many options based on the railway. Let’s take a look at the various options available.

Heathrow Express

For time travelers, the fastest way to get from central Heathrow to central London is by Heathrow Express. Western main line. They also serve Terminal 5, which is just three minutes from Heathrow Central.


The journey from Heathrow Central to Paddington takes just 15 minutes. Respectively, this is how often the services depart. In December 2020, Heathrow Express renewed its fleet, replacing 332 class trains with newer 387 Class Electrostars.

However, the speed and immediacy of Heathrow Express come at a cost. According to the Heathrow website, standard class tickets for these trains cost either 22 22 or 25 25 ($ 27.55 / $ 31.30) per day, depending on the time. The return costs 37 £ ($ 46.33). However, fixed-time tickets can be found for 50 5.50 ($ 6.89) each time you book up to 90 days in advance.

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TfL Rail

For train passengers who do not mind saving money with longer travel times, the half-hour TfL (London Transport) rail service offers an ideal compromise. These trains usually take about 28 minutes to travel to London Paddington, stopping at several stops along the way. Passengers can switch to Hayes & Harlington for Reading services.

These services, which have only regular seat seats, were operated under the name Heathrow Connect when operated by Class 360 Desiro Trains. However, TfL Rail took over in 2018 and now uses the same Class 345 units it recently began developing on the new Elizabeth Line between London.

Passengers using TfL Rail services can pay at the ticket gates using Oyster or contactless bank cards. The TfL website reports that a peak hour single costs 50 11.50 ($ 14.40), dropping to 10 10.80 ($ 13.52) during off-peak hours. These fares, also on Heathrow Express, are eligible for a 1/3 discount among railcard holders.

London Underground services connect Heathrow with key hubs such as King’s Cross St Pancras. Photo: Getty Images

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London Underground

What would London be without the metro network? These trains connect all corners of the British capital, with Heathrow Airport representing the western end of the Piccadilly Line. From here, trains run east from just after five in the morning until just before midnight, departing as often as every five minutes.

Using the Piccadilly Circus tourist hotspot as an example, the Underground journey from Heathrow to central London usually takes about 50 minutes. Rates for Oyster and contactless prices cost just 3, 3.50 ($ 4.38, off-peak) or 50 5.50 ($ 6.89, peak). Cash payment increases the price to, 6.30 ($ 7.89).

Overall, passengers on trains bound for London cannot opt ​​for Heathrow. Their decision simply depends on how they prioritize factors such as time and cost.

How many of these options have you used in your travels? Do you have a specific favorite? Tell us your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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