The new Sims 4 is now updated, allowing players to choose custom pronouns

A screenshot of Sims 4 with a group of different Sims hanging out and dancing.

Screenshot: EA / Maxis

ONE young Sims 4 modernize released yesterday added new pronoun options to the most recent entry in the EA long life simulator. With this update, players will be able to define their Sims pronouns, including fully customized, without the use of mods on all platforms The Sims 4 is available at.

The long-awaited feature was first unveiled in January, when EA and Sims Maxis developer initially announced plans to add more pronouns to The Sims 4. Prior to this update, gender and pronouns in The Sims 4 worked in the same way as in the past Sims games, locking each Sim in a binary choice between him / her and him / her. Now, players can choose to give a Sim or even create custom pronouns.

You can find the new options in the Create-a-Sim section of the game, where you create characters to play in the game. Previously, the top left of this section had an option titled “Hello, my name is…” and players could name their Sim. Now, this button has been modified and says “Hello, my name and my nicknames are….”. Making your own pronouns is a bit tricky — quickly, do you know what a possessive pronoun is? —But EA has added a few examples of suggestions to help people easily create their own pronouns.

EA has also confirmed that you can change your Sims pronouns whenever you want.

This new update was created with the help of GLAAD and the It Gets Better Project. Prior to the update, players could change their gender choices, such as whether a Sim preferred male or female clothing or whether they could become pregnant. (All this was added in 2016.) But whatever choices the players choose, they will still have to settle for male or female pronouns, making it difficult and frustrating for people to create non-binary or gender fluid Sims. The game will now use player-defined pronouns throughout, including pop-up alerts and menus. This is a big step forward to make an already quite progressive franchise more open and accessible to everyone.

However, EA warns that the team is still working to improve the information. Warns that some grammar issues may occur during certain parts of the game due to how pronouns are handled and how complicated The Sims 4 is.

EA also explained that the new update is only available in English, although it plans to add new pronoun options in more languages ​​in the future. However, it is a big and welcome change that will benefit many players and really let them be themselves in the game. The update is now available on all platforms.

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