The new generation Moto Razr leak shows the external display and the side fingerprint sensor

Motorola’s first folder in two years is emerging as its best

It’s been a few years since Motorola released the 5G variant of the folding Moto Razr. Since then, foldable phones have been transformed from interesting ideas that are not completely ready for everyday drivers into sophisticated products that sell for millions – especially if you are Samsung. The 3rd generation Razr finally seems to be making waves and with the latest leak, we have the best look so far for the phone that could dethrone the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip4.

Distinguished user Evan Blass posted on Twitter a GIF showing Motorola’s upcoming phone, codenamed Maven. The short clip gives us some information about some of the key features of the device, including the side-shifted fingerprint sensor built into the power button. It looks extremely fast, moving from an ever-active screen to the home screen in fractions of a second. It seems that Motorola is using some kind of software this time, with themed icons and, oddly enough, dedicated navigation buttons instead of gestures.


We take another look at the redesigned front shell when the device is off, with the second ultra-wide 13MP external camera. As with the last two models, the Maven has a small second screen that displays the time, date, status bar and notifications. Unfortunately, the clip ends before we see if this screen has any extra functionality.

Recent rumors suggest that the Razr sounds like it could really be able to compete with the Samsung press. Unlike the first two models, Motorola reportedly uses a flagship processor – the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 – instead of the mid-range chipsets used in 2020. It will not be enough to win the folding wars on its own, as the build quality and durability are just as important these days as speed and raw specifications. But if Motorola can get a solid, powerful phone at a relatively affordable price, it might be enough to win over consumers.

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