The new features of ChromeOS 103 are already becoming accessible

The new features of ChromeOS 103 are already becoming accessible

The new features of ChromeOS 103 are already becoming accessible

ChromeOS 103 came out a few weeks ago, but this update wasn’t just another security update with a few minor tweaks here and there. Instead, it introduced the Chromebook community to a few key, new b-features that aren’t just as effective as parlor runs: They are also wildly useful. So helpful, in fact, that I’ve already accepted a few of them into my workflow on a regular basis.

For me, the Big 3 new features are now part of the overall ChromeOS experience Screencasts, recent photos, and quick pairings. Although the fast pair will officially unveil a little later (hopefully the next ChromeOS update), the main thing here is if you want to change and use the flags. I’ll tell you this: if the fast pair isn’t ready and available when the Pixel Bands Pro boat arrives later this month, I’ll turn these flags to take full advantage of it. Quickly pairing your accessories is a great benefit, but keeping them paired across devices is the sweetest part of this new feature.

2 interesting new features that I have already started using

The big B features already used for me are part of the screen cast and the latest photos from the call center. To feature the latest photos, the use case is very simple and clear, Gives users instant access to the latest photos they’ve dealt with on their handheld devices. The best part of this is the fact that it not only limits you to the camera roll (photos taken with the phone’s camera), but it also uploads photos from apps that you use as well.

This is interesting in many ways. First, it allows you to quickly access an image that may have been sent to you in a messaging app that you want to quickly use in another app or service. For example, while writing this article, Gabrielle sent me a picture of a pig smoking in his trigger on WhatsApp. I immediately saw this in my Recent Photos section of Phone Hub and can shoot it to a group of discards without the need to find a photo.

But the very useful fact is that this functionality extends to Google Photos as well, Let me take a photo on my Pixel 6 Pro, quickly edit it in Google Photos, and see the edited version of my recent photos to share with chat, social media, or a new post. It’s so much work and it will be a feature that will make me wonder how I can live without it in the near future.

The second feature that I absolutely love to learn is the screen cast. We’ve already made a full video on this because it’s an amazing service that Google has created, but the news with ChromeOS 103 is the fact that it’s now available on board for ChromeOS users. And let me tell you, yYou have to use it! Screencast gives you the ability to create a long or short presentation that will be very useful to the person (s) at the end of the acquisition.

With tools for on-screen descriptions, a full (automatic) transition that is searchable, and includes PIP webcam coverage, Screencast makes guiding and sharing complex ideas a seamless one. It all integrates with your Google Account and can be shared and edited like Google Docs. It’s an interesting tool that I’ve only needed once so far when it arrives, but 100% will use it on a regular basis any time a remote explanation or guidance is requested. This is a really interesting tool.

And for an OS that gets a new update every 4 weeks, these are some of the most valuable new capabilities we have at our disposal as Chromebook users. With 4 weeks of rapid changes to newer versions of ChromeOS now being a regularity, I thought we’d leave behind feature-filled updates and trade them for small changes whenever a new version arrives. So far, this is not the only case and the ChromeOS team simply breaks it down with useful new B features to combine with some of the sweetest Chromebooks we’ve ever hit the market. It makes me look forward to what’s to come, and I’m so excited that we don’t have to wait long for it.

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