The Mavericks say that “unruly” fans tried to give Chris Paul’s family “unwanted hugs” before the eruption during game 4

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The relationship between fans and players has been an important point of discussion this season. Both Draymond Green and Kyrie Irving have been fined for giving road fans their middle finger only in these playoffs. On Sunday, Chris Paul and his family faced a situation in Dallas.

A Dallas fan was expelled from Game 4 of the second round between Paul’s Phoenix Suns and the Mavericks and as he was being escorted out, Paul appeared on video to say “I’ll see you later”.

Dave McMenamin reported that a Dallas fan put his hands on Paul’s mother and that his wife pushed him. Paul’s children were also present and, according to a McMenamin source, “felt very insecure.” Paul echoed these feelings on Twitter after the game. “I want to punish the players who say things to the fans, but the fans can get their hands on our families … f — that !!” wrote Paul.

The Mavericks issued a statement Explaining the situation on Monday afternoon, he said that two fans tried to give “unwanted hugs” to members of Paul’s family. The Mavericks also said that these fans will be eliminated until 2023.

The American Airlines Center and security and Dallas Mavericks executives have completed their investigation into the Paul family incident. Two unruly fans tried to hug unwanted hugs and talk to Paul’s family members at the American Airlines Center public conference. “AAC Security responded as soon as the family was notified and the fans were quickly expelled from the game. Fans involved in the incident will not be allowed to return to the arena until 2023.”

Paul is the former president of the NBA Players Association, although his term has now ended. Exactly how the league and the league could resolve these issues is not clear, but there have been many high-profile incidents of fan misconduct in recent seasons. A Boston fan threw a bottle of water at Irving after the 2021 season.

Others have been accused of racist language towards players. It has become one of the biggest problems in all of basketball, and while fans are being chased for it, players often face discipline just to respond. Paul is clearly disappointed with this situation and if the league does not give the players room to respond, he must do a better job to prevent these incidents from ever happening.

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