The great success of Pasoori unites India and Pakistan through music

The great success of Pasoori unites India and Pakistan through music

Art can be a powerful unifier. With the right verse, image or word, great art can soften those hard lines that separate us, helping us remember the tremendous value of human connection and compassion.

This is certainly the case with “Pasoori”, a Pakistani pop song that has not only become an international hit, but has managed to bring together the long-divided peoples of India and Pakistan in the name of love. Or at least in the name of good music.

It is easy to see how “Pasoori” has gained its popularity. The graphics are rich and colorful and striking – the very essence of old Bollywood. In addition, the song itself is quite the catchy, dynamic earworm with the mix of traditional music and driving, percussion reggaeton rhythms. These are a lot of boxes to note, stylistically speaking.

The song begins with the words “set fire to your worries”. It is a verse that came to songwriter Ali Sethi after he saw a similar phrase painted on the back of a truck while driving in Punjab. That expression, combined with fears that entering India as a Pakistani artist could lead to extremists burning down any studio he worked in, inspired him to channel his music experience, he told The New Yorker.

“I did what desi bard did for years. “I may not have been able to travel to India, but I knew my music could,” he said.

Translated, “Pasoori” can mean “difficulty”, “conflict” or “difficult chaos”. At first glance, the song seems to be a classic story of lovers who intersect with stars, with lyrics such as “If your love is poison, I will drink in a storm”. However, the way he skillfully combines Indian and Pakistani art styles suggests a bigger message. Can two countries see beyond their conflict to celebrate the natural harmonies of their cultures? Seth seems to be finally asking this profound question, while expressing a bona fide bang.

If Passori’s worldwide success is any indicator, the answer seems to be yes. It has garnered more than 100 million views on YouTube and receives praise from both Pakistani and Indian stars. According to The New Yorker, “Pasoori” now “sits firmly” at No. 1 on the charts in India.

She already has a viral cover, to cry out loud.

Congratulations to all the creators of “Pasoori” who exceeded the limits and won hearts. This is the magic of music.

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