The first impressions of Sony’s new gaming computer monitors and headphones

The first impressions of Sony’s new gaming computer monitors and headphones

The first impressions of Sony’s new gaming computer monitors and headphones

Sony Electronics has launched a new brand of game hardware, Anzon, to target PC gamers. The company last week announced the brand with two 27-inch monitors and a three-tier game headset.

I tested the headphones over the course of a week and the high end monitor for two days. Both the 8-inch monitors, called the Inzone M9, and the headphones, the Inzone H9, feature them to stand out in the middle of the competition. But given their price points, premium products may be a tough sell for players, who already have a large number of other hardware manufacturers to choose from.

Sony plans to win players through what it considers competitive price products. The company is offering a 4 899 4K resolution monitor with a 144-Hz refresh rate, available this summer, and a 9 529 1080p monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate, coming later this winter.

The 4K resolution M9 monitor, which I tested, has full secret local dimming. Thanks to this, the colors look very bright and pleasing to the eye. Computer games like “Valorant”, “League of Legends” and “Neon White” look interesting and bright. On the PlayStation 5, titles like “Deathloop”, “Elden Ring” and “Horizon Zero Dawn” offer shadows and fight well. Photos on the monitor look brighter and clearer, and it’s easy to see the flaws of dark photos through the screen.

The monitor can be controlled by a software program called Anzone Hub, where the settings can be adjusted to a game preset or standard image mode, which reduces brightness and censorship. Even so, with settings to look like the average observer, the M9 has created scenes within the game – like the Green Vista and the water rush in “Neon White” – a pleasure to watch.

Sony is targeting computer players with a new hardware brand, Anzon

Star Graphic is the most notable feature on the M9 monitor, which Sony is likely to rely on to sell units. The company gave intruders prior access to oversight to review; It performed well in benchmark tests and demonstrated high dynamic threshold capabilities. Priced at 8 899, though, Sony is struggling against low-end options on the market (some of which range in price from $ 300 to $ 600) while strategically staying below $ 1000. Happens.

I already have two 27-inch 1080p game monitors with good refresh rates (Acer and ViewSonic), but they are several years old and are up to date. I will not have Taken M9 monitors to replace them; The $ 899 price point is tough when low-end monitors can easily get the job done. Still, the excellent colors, brightness and high refresh rate on the M9 made a sub-difference when I played the previous models compared to the ones I had before. This is a welcome addition to my current game organization, especially when I play competition situations.

The concept of Anzon emerged in 2019 as Sony executives witnessed the growth of the video game and sports industries. Three years later, Anzon is launching the PC games market late.

“We are entering the gaming industry with monitors and headsets at an exciting time, as games and sports have become very popular in the last few years,” said Kazuo Kayi, Director of Sony Home Entertainment and Sound Products. , Told the Washington Post. Exclusive interview last week. “We take advantage of Sony’s high-quality display and audio technology to offer products that will allow players to immerse themselves in their gaming world.”

Sony does not pack the M9 monitor with an HDMI cable, usually used to connect to a PS5 or PC, so customers must purchase one separately to make the monitor work. The monitor has multiple ports so you can connect to a PS5, a computer, a USB-C cable and a display port.

The monitor comes with its own stand, white foot that is similar to the PS5 design. It can also be placed in a third party position.

Aesthetically, Anzon’s products are all designed just like Sony’s latest PlayStation console. Both monitors and headphones have a band that glows in blue. The PS5 can automatically detect the M9 monitor and adjust the high dynamic range settings, saving you an extra few seconds of configuration.

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At the same time, Sony’s approach to gaming headphones is to see which one of their three models speaks to consumers. The company sells a wireless headset for $ 299 with noise cancellation and synthetic leather, a ډالرو 229 wireless headset (leather or noise cancellation) and a $ 99 pair of wired headphones.

At the 299 price point, H9 headphones offer superior sound quality. The audio is powerful for games like “Overwatch 2” and “Valorant”, helping me to hear which side the enemies are approaching.

Connecting a headset to my computer via Bluetooth was a test, although after initial setup and confusion with various games and discord settings, the use of headphones became increasingly easier.

Consumers may find the H9 microphone feature completely useless. Speaking through the zoom and discord, it muffled my voice, except for how I turned the mic into my mouth. Laughter on the mic sounded like a loud voice. Kindly, pointing to Mike Larry while eating silenced the voices. Sometimes, when I was talking to Mike, the headphones would ring back to my voice. The broken microphone was so uncomfortable that my callers would ask me to go back to my professional podcasting mic.

All three pairs of Sony gaming headphones are equipped with a local sound field feature, which allows players to determine how far away opponents are from them and where they are located based on audio. Sony 3D audio was a key selling point for the PS5. From the initial tests of the H9 headphones – $ 299 – the other players in the first-person shooter titles were easily followed by the sound of their feet.

Another thing to say about headphones is that noise cancellation works great. My air conditioner sounded low, as did my mechanical gaming keyboard clicks – although I could still hear both at the end.

The headphones are also designed to be a little tighter around the ears so that players can wear them comfortably for hours. This was a special feature in the headphones, which was more comfortable than the Apple AirPods Max ($ 549) or the Hyper X Cloud Stinger headphones ($ 49.99). The wide ear shape makes the Sony H9 headphones a bit more comfortable than I’ve tried, even better than the PlayStation Pulse 3D headphones, which have smaller ear holes and are designed for the PS5.

The H9 headset has a battery life of 32 hours and a charge time of 10 minutes. As I tested, my unit seems to live up to these claims. These headphones sound louder when they are out of power, disconnected or fully charged.

The Japanese team hopes that PC gamers – especially first-person shooter players – will give Enzone a chance, and the products I have tested are the best choices. Still, Sony is entering the centralized market, while not particularly opting for price reductions.

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