STRENGTH CLASSIFICATION: There are no perfect 10s in Spain – but who is at the top after Barcelona?

The Spanish Grand Prix 2022 was a difficult race for many, Charles Leclerc retired as Max Verstappen emerged at the top. But how did the judges rate the drivers?

How does it work

  • Our five-judge panel evaluates each driver after each Grand Prix and rates him 10 based on his performance over the weekend – taking the machines out of the equation

  • The average of our expert scores for generating a match score is then calculated – with these scores then aggregated throughout the season in the overall Power Rankings (bottom of the page)

Russell squeezed everything out of the updated Mercedes W13 this weekend. Starting fourth, he ended up ahead of Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen in turn 4, but inevitably lost to Verstappen – after a stunning wheel battle. Calm problems forced Russell to retreat at the end of the race, but he still lifted a brilliant podium in Spain. As a result, our judges gave him the highest score of all.

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Leclerc turned and recovered with an impressive lap to get pole in Spain and seemed to have everything under control, defeating Verstappen’s challenge at first for something that seemed an insurmountable lead. That was until his Ferrari engine receded and he sent Leclerc into the garage. The Monegasque driver had done almost everything up to that point.

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Although Hamilton was voted Guide of the Day, he was not ranked # 1 by the judges. However, the seven-time champion received a high score having recovered from the back after a minor collision with Magnussen. Hamilton was set for the P4, but had to make it back to the end of the race, finishing fifth despite his premature failure. A move worthy of a champion …

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Another great performance by Verstappen, but one that was not considered his best season by the judges. The Dutchman’s DRS failed in both Saturday qualifiers and Sunday’s match, putting him back, but was given white card to attack Russell from Red Bull and finally won the match with a comfortable 13 seconds to take the lead in the league.

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Perez finished behind Verstappen, but was convinced he had the pace to win on Sunday. Despite qualifying behind his teammate, Perez ended up ahead as Verstappen made a mistake in turn 4 and the Mexican wanted to attack Russell to win – but eventually had to change positions with the reigning champions. The team’s orders came into play on Sunday, but the Mexican kept his chin up to support a very useful Red Bull one or two.

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Norris was overtaken by Ricciardo, but the Briton’s pace was much higher, seeing the McLaren driver start 11th but finish eighth as the Australian finished 12th – despite an unpleasant period of tonsillitis. Considering the machines, as usual, Norris received a favorable rating from the judges.

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Similar to Norris, Okon surpassed his experienced teammate – Fernando Alonso who qualified 17th but started from behind – and the Alpine Frenchman finished seventh on the road from 12th on the grid. Another good performance from Ocon and another consistent score, too.


Bottas did a fantastic job this weekend. The driver of Alfa Romeo qualified seventh and ran as high as P3. He could not hold the fourth position, such was the condition of his tires, but the Finnish driver managed to lead the P6 again in the midfield.

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Alonso was stunned when he left Q1 for P17, but Alpine took the opportunity to install a new power unit. The Spaniard, who owned the scythe on the pitch on Sundays, performed once again as he went from last to ninth place. A tremendous recovery and a significant one. Alonso scored his first points since the start of the season.

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Tenth in the race, 10th in the standings: Chunoda qualified 13th but made a difficult change, passing some opponents on the road to the final standings in Spain. AlphaTauri’s driver was held by Schumacher for a moment late, which prevented him from facing Alonso in the front.

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You lose

No one really got that close to getting Tsunoda out of the top 10, but Vettel was the next highest on the board, the Aston Martin driver finished 16th but finished 11th. Scroll down to see what the top 10 looks like in the standings in the direction of Monaco.



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