Sony support email reportedly confirms players must pay PS Plus discounts for upgrade

An email posted on the Internet seems to confirm previous reports that PlayStation Plus players with a discount may need to return the discount to Sony to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or Premium.

The updated PlayStation Plus service was released in much of Asia this week and will be released in Japan, the Americas, Europe and Australia in June.

Since then, some Asian gamblers have claimed that anyone who bought a PS Plus subscription at a discounted price, including those who chose to stack subscriptions before the option was deactivated earlier this month, will be charged an extra upgrade to a different PS Plus level. from any previous savings they made by buying low cost subscriptions.

Introducing the brand new PlayStation Plus

This seems to be confirmed in an email from PlayStation Support in Hong Kong, which was published on ResetEra and translated by VGC. Reads:

“Thank you for contacting PlayStation Support and checking the price of your PlayStation Plus subscription.

“If you purchased the PlayStation Plus at a reduced price at the time of membership, there are two PlayStation Plus subscriptions that can not benefit from other discounts:

“1) The PlayStation Plus subscription was purchased at a discount.
“2) The PlayStation Plus subscription has been redeemed with a redemption code.

“Therefore, if you need to upgrade to a Premium level 2 or 3 subscription, you will need to make up for the difference between the previous discounted price and the regular price.

“For example, a PlayStation Plus subscription is HK $ 308 for one year and the reduced price is HK $ 187.6. The difference is $ 120.4, divided by the number of months left.

“Rest assured that the system will automatically calculate the difference to be repaid if you need to upgrade. Of course, you can also upgrade or downgrade your subscription to your liking.

“If you do not upgrade, your current PlayStation Plus subscription will not be affected. Rest assured that game promotions, free monthly game subscriptions and access to 100G of online storage will remain unchanged. “

VGC has asked Sony for clarification on this matter and will update this story if we receive any comments.

Sony support email reportedly confirms players must pay PS Plus discounts for upgrade
Users who want to upgrade must do so for the remainder of their current plan

Players who used to stack PlayStation Plus subscriptions as well requirement that in order to upgrade to a new subscription level, they must do so for the duration of the current program, which in some cases lasts for years and requires a significant down payment, especially if purchased at reduced prices.

Seemingly confirming that users who want to upgrade should do so for the rest of their current plan, the PlayStation UK website is currently offering the following information about PS Plus upgrade options:

“When the new PlayStation Plus subscription programs are released, you will be able to upgrade to a program with more features and privileges.

“When you upgrade you will be charged a proportionate fee to raise the desired level the remaining time of your existing subscription.

“For example, if you purchased a subscription 12 months five months ago and you have seven months left, you will need to pay a proportional upgrade fee to upgrade the remaining seven months to the desired plan level.

“Then, on your next payment date, you will be charged the standard price for the subscription plan level you upgraded to your current payment frequency.”

VGC has asked Sony if it will be possible for players with stacked annual subscriptions to upgrade to a higher level for a shorter period of time, for example one year, with the option to return to the lowest level once this 12-month period expires.