Senate Democrats believe Biden personally believes in defending Taiwan militarily

Senate Democrats tell Axios they believe President Biden’s inadmissible statements that the United States would militarily defend Taiwan against a Chinese attack were deliberate – though not strategic.

Leading the news: Axios was interviewed by a number of Democratic senators close to the president. Many – both privately and publicly – have admitted that they believe the president personally believes the United States should be involved militarily in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Game Mode: Biden appeared to have scrapped US policy of “strategic ambiguity” while speaking in Seoul on Monday – the third time he had made such comments.

  • Each time, the White House rejected these remarks, pointing out that it did not really say what it made clear and that its comments were not a significant change in policy.
  • Biden clarified his comments on Tuesday and told reporters: “Politics has not changed at all.”

Between the lines: The US has a long-standing policy of “strategic ambiguity” when it comes to Taiwan.

  • The US government acknowledges that China considers Taiwan to be part of “one China” and opposes any attempt to change its democratic regime by force.

What they say: “[Biden] he believes it completely. “He believes what he says,” Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) Told Axios. “There’s nothing wrong with honesty, right?”

  • “I think there is a commitment [that the U.S. would get involved militarily]Tester added, pointing to his support for Biden’s initial remarks.
  • Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.) Said Biden’s answer to that question might be different if he was a senator and not a president: “You should go ask him just as a senator. But he’s not just a senator.”
  • “I think the president was just repeating something that many of us believe is unacceptable to the PRC. [People’s Republic of China] “We must try to resolve the situation in Taiwan by force.”

As for the White House again Clearing up Biden’s comments on the issue, a Democratic senator said of the president: “He does not like to be treated.”

The big picture: While many Democrats were reluctant to publicly state their agreement with Biden’s position on Taiwan before the White House left, others took the opportunity to express their support for what Biden said.

  • “President Biden is right. Credible deterrence requires both courage and clarity – and the vibrant democracy of Taiwan deserves our full support,” said Sen. Bob Menendez (DN.J.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. posted on Twitter on Monday.
  • “President Biden’s statement that if there was a push, the United States would defend Taiwan against communist China was the right thing to do.” Senator Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) wrote.
  • “The chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, with whom I was just traveling, made a strong statement, as did many others, and I think they reflect the broad view of many here,” Koons said.

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