See what the Gen 5 NVMe SSDs mean for PC gaming in 2022

At Computex 2022, Apacer announced its Gen 5 NVMe SSDs that promise up-to-date performance of up to 13,000 MB / s read and up to 12,000 MB / s write. This is almost double what is currently available through the latest Gen 4 NVMe SSD series and a clear indication that the extra PCIe 5.0 bandwidth currently supported by the 12th Intel Core processor are some of the best CPUs for gaming, offers Speed.

The event featured the Apacer AS2280F5 and Zadak TWSG5, both Gen 5 NVMe SSDs that support speeds of up to 13,000 / 12,000 MB / s each. As expected, both models were presented with significantly bulky coolers to keep indoor temperatures low. However, little is known at this point about the motherboard space that will be needed to accommodate heat distributors of this size.

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