Rocky Mountain High!  4 Stability 6 wins out of Snow Game |  Bleacher Report

Rocky Mountain High! 4 Stability 6 wins out of Snow Game | Bleacher Report

Rocky Mountain High!  4 Stability 6 wins out of Snow Game |  Bleacher Report

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    AP Photo / John Bazmore

    The king is dead. May the king be alive.

    The Colorado blizzard defeated Tampa Bay Lightning 2-1 on Sunday night to win the 2022 Stanley Cup Final in six games and end Lightning’s two-year career as NHL champions.

    With a 7:32 lead in the second period, Arthur Likunin’s goal proved to be the winner of the game after Tampa B started the goal in the first period and Colorado’s Nathan McCann tied it at 1:54 in the second period. .

    Kyle McCarthy, who won the Norris Trophy as the league’s best defender earlier this week, was awarded the Kan Smith Trophy as the Player of the Year’s Most Valuable Player.

    He is the first player in league history to win the Hobby Baker Award and the Calder Trophy as the best college player in the country as the NHL Calder of the Year, in addition to Norris, Conn Smith and Stanley Cup.

    The B / R hockey team reviewed Game 6 and put together a watch list. Scroll down to see what we’ve come up with, and leave a thought or two in the comments.

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    Of the young stars in the league, McCann ranks among the best.

    But even if you’re among the groups that claim Connor McDavid or Austin Matthews are better than Colorado Evans Forward, he officially has what they don’t have.

    Stanley Cup.

    After five series of games in which he had scored only once in 28 shots, the No. 1 overall ready-to-compete muscle in the clich was scoring a game-related goal in the second inning. And helped halve the cup culture. After a while.

    He finished the playoffs with 13 goals, with Edmonton Everton Kane leading the league, and with 24 points, who was third on the team after Conn Smith-winning Maker and linebacker Miko Rantanin.

    Now 26, McCann has been a point-scorer for every game in the regular season for five consecutive years and has now produced at that level in all six games against Colorado, scoring 93 points in 70 games.

    For comparison, Matthews has 33 points in 39 career playoff games with the Toronto Maple Leafs, while McDavid has 55 points in 37 games with Edmonton.

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    AP Photo / David Zlobowski

    Joe Sacick was a Stanley Cup-winning player in Colorado.

    But the moves he has made as general manager to assemble the Snow Champion team guarantee the same appreciation these days.

    Among the players who lifted the cup on Sunday night, many came in the last-minute moves of the trade that Sakik made to support the main players of the house such as McCann and McCarthy.

    Arthur Laconin was drafted by Montreal and spent six seasons with the Canadians, including appearing against Power in the 2020-21 final, before Sacks signed him on March 21 against minor league Justin Baron and Bring for a deal for the second. – Round selection in 2024.

    Veterans Josh Manson and Andrew Cogliano, who have teamed up for more than 1,500 NHL games, were brought in from Anaheim and San Jose in the same week, respectively, for a group tour that included one player and two draft picks. .

    A few weeks before the 2021-22 season, Sackie got a goal from Arizona goalkeeper Darcy Komper for two picks and one player, and a year ago he picked up defensive man Devon Towes from the New York Islands for two picks and immediately He signed four. – Year, ډالرو 16.4 million deal.

    All played a key role, putting together 19 goals and 24 assists during the 20-match game and Comper is running 10-4 at 16 starting with 2.57 goals – against the average and .902 percent. .

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    AP Photo / Philan Ebin Heck

    There was no doubt that Warren was a better player than Comper.

    He won the first two games with little sustained pressure on him but was knocked out of the game after conceding five goals and surrendered just soft enough to make people think that the needle went to Tampa Bay. That the series is progressing.

    Then came the sixth game.

    And while Comper had the quality of a Vizina Trophy in barely closing 23-23 shots, he kept the first goal of the game well after allowing less than four minutes.

    He was called only nine times in the second and then only four times in the third, but he was knocked out by Nikita Kochirov in the moment of disappearance from close range and never looked uncomfortable or out of place because the power went out. Try to push the action.

    Ryan Sykes Aryan_sikes10

    Comper with a great time saving in a Kochirov timer #StanleyCup

    In six games, he averaged 138-152 shots (908 percent saves.) And averaged 2.45 goals. And in 4-6 games, despite some time errors, those numbers have risen to .934 and 1.89, respectively, compared to Tampa Bay’s Andrew Vasilovsky, who posted .933 and 2.21 at the same time.

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    AP Photo / David Zlobowski

    No team has won a cup without injuries.

    And while significant time was spent discussing the absence of Tampa Bay’s Braden Point and others, the Snow Locker Room was also a sufficient reminder of the MASH unit.

    Defender Samuel Gerrard lost to the playoffs after breaking his stumps in the second leg of the series against the St. Louis Blues, while forward Andrew Borakowski missed the last four games of the tournament against the Lightning. Lost. Head by shot in Game 2.

    He scored in extra time as Game 1 ended.

    Forward Nazim Qaderi was injured in the Western Conference title series against Edmonton and did not play until Game 4 at Tampa Bay, where he scored the winner of the OT game, and forward Valery Nikoshkin only on Sunday. Short skated in T-shirt and shorts. After winding with his right foot in an ice pack after 5 games on Friday morning.

    However, Kaderi and Nikoshkin together played more than 40 minutes in 6 games, including both power play time and short arm time, and Snow’s Darren Helm (9:56 ice time). Like got enough from deep players. JT Compher (8:56), and Cogliano (9:34) to see if the series-clinching storm.

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