RNA-forming blocks have been observed in the center of the milk pathway

RNA-forming blocks have been observed in the center of the milk pathway

A bright red molecular cloud in the Milky Way.

A team of researchers said they found some structural blocks of RNA in a molecular cloud near the center of the Milky Way. The discovery has implications for the theories of how life began on Earth – and perhaps elsewhere.

The molecular cloud is called G + 0.693-0.027. A team of astrophysicists, astronomers and chemists conducted a cloud survey in Spain using two telescopes to uncover the details of the chemistry.

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a molecule present in all living cells that behaves similarly to DNA, although it is a single unit. there is Evidence That RNA may precede DNA, based on laboratory observations of ribosomes made up of RNA.

Older RNA can start life, however, is another matter. of thee The latest team found many organic molecules in the cloud that are part of a group called neutralizers, which may have been important in the production of RNA in the early universe; There were team results Published today On the frontiers of astronomy and space science.

“Here we show that the chemistry that occurs between stars is capable of effectively forming many neutralizers, which are key molecular precursors to the ‘RNA World’ scenario,” said Victor Rivela, a sterbologist at the National Institute of Space Technology. Madrid, on the border To release.

of the RNA world hypothesis This suggests that RNA was fundamental at the beginning of life with genetic and metabolic activity. A A few studies in the 1990s Showed that RNA can start life as we know it, because it can do genetic work like DNA but can react like proteins. Also available Problems with theoryBut still it is interesting to consider.

“There are still important missing molecules that are hard to find,” said Isascon Jimenez Sierra, a star physicist at the National Institute of Aerospace Technology. “For example, we know that the source of life on Earth may need other molecules, such as lipids, which are responsible for the formation of primary cells. Therefore, we must also focus on understanding how lipids are formed. Can be created from the simple precedents available in Interstellar Medium.

The earliest evidence of life on Earth comes in the form of 3.5 billion-year-old stromatolites, created by ancient bacteria as they grow. If there were fossil life on Mars, the best guess is that it might be It looks like something.

But before the stromatolites, something was needed for the seed to survive after the earth was formed. One theory is that all the materials needed for life arrived on Earth about four billion years ago.Give or take a few hundred million years), In the period known as the last heavy bombardment.

During the bombing, the Earth and the Moon were thrown by steroids and comets, evidence of which is now buried in the planet’s crust (and the surface of the Moon). It is possible that the Neutrals have reached some of the oldest stars discovered by a recent team, such as Liquid water is suggested to have reached our planet.

Nitrile has been found in various protostars, meteorites and even in the atmosphere of Titan. Saturn’s largest moon. It’s worth noting that we’re in a huge cosmic soup that has been inspired for billions of years – ingredients go everywhere.

“The chemicals in G + 0.693-0.027 are similar to other star-forming regions in our galaxy, as well as things in the solar system, such as comets,” Revila said. “This means that this study could give us important information about the chemical components that are present in the nebula that make up our planetary system.”

Rome was not built in a day, nor was there life on earth. Life turned out, though, that it needed things like RNA to get started. Where this RNA came from remains a mystery, but the fact that the building blocks can be found even close to the center of the Milky Way suggests that organic molecules are scattered throughout our galaxy. Does that mean there is life too … well, scientists will just look around.

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