RAND UP: Reviews are up for grabs for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

RAND UP: Reviews are up for grabs for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

RAND UP: Reviews are up for grabs for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

In order for June to be sent out, Cape Cod released Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak today. It pays DLC for a new entry. The regular Monster Hunter Rise was also fresh in preparation for this expansion yesterday.

If you’re still not sure whether you should choose DLC, even after testing the game demo, we’ve put together a round of reviews so far. We’ve also received your review along the way, so stay tuned. And if you’re interested – here are the patch notes:

By the way, let’s see what critics have to say about this upcoming season in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Photo: Capcom / via Nintendo

Starting with IGN, it summarizes as some good new monsters but not many new ideas. It added eight out of ten points to the original game but gave the DLC one point less – awarding seven out of ten points:

“The Sun Break isn’t nearly as important or surprising as it was for Monster Hunter World, the lack of fresh ideas beyond AI smart followers that are limited to single-player hunting, and even leaving Rampage searches without it. Really try to fill in the gaps that remain. “

The team at Polygon enjoyed the DLC, but felt it must have come straight out of the new Monster content:

“With so many good fights the sun, It is disappointing that it is the victim of one of the biggest villains in AAA video games: Bluetooth. I would look great the sun Offer a short campaign with a lot of focus on new monsters, and give me the option to compete with the original List Master Rank versions in my fun. But instead, I spent the open hours of the expansion beating up known enemies, so I could get to the good stuff. Thus, playing the sun It’s like opening an interesting gift wrapped in a lot of tape. “

PC Gamer introduced the computer version 89 out of 100. It thinks Rise is “as good as the series”, but notes how the DLC was originally “more than that”, and may not provide enough “new” content for it. Some fans:

“Monster Hunter Rise is as good as the series was before, and Sunbreak is very similar. It’s also very tough, but it feels like the right year. For some fans of the series, you might add 10 Be. In the scores.It doesn’t have a new interest, even if some of its additions are more important than the first one, and basically serves as a perfect ending game for the previous extensive experience. Less sunshine than sunshine. “

Hunters in TwinFinance felt “everything old is new” in the Sunbreak DLC – praised it with a score of 5.5 out of 4.5, and offered it to everyone as a “complete idiot” to sink into it. Views:

“As it stands, Sunbreak represents the best of Monster Hunter Rise, reconnecting to the base game through its clever integration of old and new. But for those who love it. Changes in the Monster Hunter formula, Sunbreak represents a new high mark of water for the series and an absolute nonsense for anyone looking to sink back. “

And last but not least, the Mako Rector gave it a 10 out of 10 – labeling it “absolutely necessary” for existing owners of Monster Hunter Rise:

“Summer Break improves and improves Monster Hunter Rise in every way. The monsters are more challenging, the music is great, and the post game is really good for a few hunts. New mechanics for those who are into digging.” Looking deeper about each weapon.Even if Cape Cod didn’t update a single title, it would be a must have for any Monster Hunter Rise owner.It’s great, and I can’t wait. To put in hundreds of hours in the future.

Would you give this new DLC to Monster Hunter Rise? Tell us in the comments.

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