Qantas is launching a new kiosk to halve the time at the airport

Qantas has given the boot to an old piece of technology, with a new “kiosk” that can control passengers on their flight in less than 20 seconds.

It is outside with the old, and inside with the new.

Qantas has announced that it will relocate a number of old check-in kiosks and replace them with improved electronic terminals with passenger check-in and luggage label printing in a matter of seconds.

The new technology could not have come at a better time for the airline – and for customers – given the recent scenes at Sydney Inner Airport, when passengers were in turmoil as staff shortages created mileage lines.

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At Easter, passengers waited up to two hours to cross the security lines and check-in queues were also wrapped around the foyer and outside the door with passenger levels close to 90 percent before the pandemic.

Speaking to, Qantas chief product and service executive Phil Capps said customers were demanding fewer contact points and that the focus was on a digital, enhanced experience.

“It’s about four times faster (than the old kiosk),” he explained.

“Before, you had to enter your reference number, last name, destination… many questions until you reached your reservation.

“We wanted to bypass all of this, as most of our customers are now checking in online (on their device).”

Mr Capps said 240 kiosks would open inside the Sydney inland terminal by September before being moved to other ports across the country. And while it provides convenience to consumers, it will also have a major impact on the environment.

“Before Covid, we printed about 24 million boarding passes a year and they could not be recycled,” he explained.

“It simply came to our notice then. First, they have the magnetic tape on them and second, they have customer information on them.

“So this is a good way to do what we can for sustainability, but also to offer customers the same functionality, if not better, as it’s something less we have to deal with through security.”

With more than three-quarters of Qantas customers already checking in online or using digital boarding passes on their smartphones, the expectation is that the new kiosks will be used primarily for luggage printing – and will take less than 20 seconds to complete. to do it.

“Reaction to physical migration on mobile first. “Customers want everything in their pocket,” said Mr Capps.

“We wanted to do all the things you traditionally queue up for on your phone, so it’s like traveling.

“We are the ones who respond to the shift to make life faster, easier, smoother and everything from one device.”

While Qantas encourages passengers to check in on their smartphone before arrival, those who can not will be able to use QR codes at the kiosks to check in quickly online and receive a digital boarding pass.

Otherwise, customers will still have the option of being checked by a customer service representative if needed.

How the new Qantas booth works

1. Check in online on your smartphone or device

2. Use a new kiosk to print the bag label

3. Leave luggage during automatic baggage delivery with a printed label

4. Use a digital boarding pass on the device for flight

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