Proton integrates all its services, including Proton Mail, under a single roof

Meet, the new home for Proton highly secure services

The popular cryptocurrency-focused email service, Proton Mail, has been around for years. As we grow, we have seen the company extend this offering to many other services, such as Proton VPN and Proton Calendar. Now, the company is completing its cycle with its latest integration efforts, which will see all Proton services, including Proton Mail, come together under one umbrella.

Proton founder and CEO Andy Yen shares that Proton Mail will now be with all other Proton companies on a new website,, which will serve as the hub. Users will have a single account for all Proton services, including Proton Mail, Proton VPN and Proton Drive. Think about how Google services work – only one account can be used for each and everyone can access it from Google’s main site. As part of this move, Proton is also introducing a new fleet of logos:


The domain was first used by the Proton Mail team as an additional domain option for new and existing accounts, but now, all of Proton is being moved to this domain. Do not worry, though – you do not lose your current email address. Signing up a new Proton account will allow you to use the new address @ or the old domain @ Likewise, your old @ address will be fine in the future.

In practice, this is basically just a rebrand that does not change much for you as an end user. However, it is an important step to take as Proton introduces more privacy-focused services and moves away from just being Proton Mail.


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