Pfizer admits developing “swallowing pill” to track your every move: “Scary”

Once considered science fiction, advances in technology have led to implantable microchips in humans. Over the past several years, the effort to make these implants available to a questionable audience has increased, and so has the response to potential privacy issues.

Now, drug giant Pfizer has admitted to creating a “swallowable pill” with a microchip that sends a wireless signal to authorities after swallowing the pill, according to Tech Startups.

During a Transforming Health in the Fourth Industrial Revolution event at this week’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla explained Pfizer’s new invention.

“It’s basically a biological chip,” Burla said. “It’s on the tablet. And as soon as you take the tablet and it dissolves in your stomach, it sends a signal that you took the tablet. So imagine its applications, compliance. This ensures companies know they have to take the medicine, they take it.”

“It is exciting what is happening in this area,” he added.

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But could such a wireless pill be used by the authorities to monitor your activities and even to measure your carbon footprint?

That’s exactly what J. Michael Evans, president of Alibaba Group USA, a subsidiary of Chinese online giant Alibaba, said on the forum this week, according to Marketwatch.

“We are developing, through technology, an ability for consumers to measure their entire carbon footprint,” he told the forum.

“What does this mean?” Evans asked. “Where they travel. How they travel. What they eat. What they consume on the platform. So an individual carbon footprint detector,” as a surprising reaction came from the public.

“Stay tuned. We haven’t done it yet. This is something we are working on,” Evans added.

Social media users burned the idea.

Kyle Bass, chief investment officer at Hayman Capital Management, said: “Awesome. I wonder if Alibaba will set a world record for carbon emissions?”

Bass also included a chart of annual CO2 emissions showing China as the number one emitter.

Another user wrote, “They will put a lid on the coal you can consume, every day, and you have to be careful what you do to not get over it. They will make us live like slaveholders.”

The conservative commentator J.

One user wrote: “Because it’s not a carbon footprint at all.”

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