Out-of-Couple Sex Virus Videos Raise Concerns at Private Hotel Jacuzzi in Hong Kong

Out-of-Couple Sex Virus Videos Raise Concerns at Private Hotel Jacuzzi in Hong Kong

Out-of-Couple Sex Virus Videos Raise Concerns at Private Hotel Jacuzzi in Hong Kong

Two viral videos show a couple having sex in their private outdoor jacuzzi at a Hong Kong hotel have raised privacy concerns among social media users.

The videos, which were reportedly shared Facebook and WhatsApp groups A few days ago, a couple showed up to have sex in their private outdoor jacuzzi as another man filmed them from above.

It is not clear when or where these videos were taken. Some social media users believe it was filmed by the film Another guest Or an employee at a hotel in North Point offering rooms with a private jacuzzi on the balcony.

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In a leaked video, the woman is seen sitting on the edge of a jacuzzi while her friend’s head is eating a bag of noodles between her legs. Another video shows a man holding a barefoot woman in his arms from behind.

The person behind the camera paired through the gap in the balcony railing.

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Some social media users have raised concerns about the hotel’s design, pointing out that those staying on the lower floors will have no secrets from other guests on the upper floors. However, others have called the person who is filming the pair.

It’s cheap enough to film it secretly, ”one user wrote.

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Have you thought about the damage that will be done to those involved, ”Bill said.

of the hong kong The government approved Crimes (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 On October 8, it covered four new crimes, including “vandalism, illegal registration or observation of nearby parts, publishing images originating from the view or illegal recording or observation of nearby parts, as well as observation of nearby parts without consent.” Publishing photos or threatening threats, and related issues. ”

according to Hong Kong MediaUnder the law, anyone who reveals themselves in public can face a fine of HK 1,000 1,000 (approximately 7 127) and up to six months in prison.

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The release of a video showing online immoral acts, such as the case of the person who filmed the couple, is a violation of Hong Kong’s “law governing the control of pornography and immoral articles.” Has a fine Up to HK 1 1 million (approximately 7 127,421) and three years imprisonment.

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