One UI Watch beta recordings are live in the US with an annoying restriction we should have seen coming

It is only available through the exclusive Samsung Members app

This week, we learned that Samsung was planning to extend the One UI beta to Galaxy Watch4 owners, giving fanatical handsets a chance to check out upcoming features and changes before an official release is released later this year. The company initially announced plans for customers in South Korea to join without giving details on when the early software will reach other regions. Fortunately, we did not have to wait long to find out – you can already sign up to have fun in the US.

People at 9to5Google have found beta availability in the Samsung Members app, with a “One UI Watch Beta” splash screen appearing on the carousel. Clicking on the page displays the necessary steps to join the program, including the option to sign up in the “Notifications” section when logging in to a Samsung account. You will need to apply to register, although if you qualify, you will be asked to go as soon as the first beta drops.


Unfortunately, because you need the Samsung Members app to sign up, you will need a Samsung phone paired with the Galaxy Watch4. The app is not available on devices like the Pixel 6, which does not offer many options to non-Galaxy users. Likewise, the required add-on is also only offered through this system. It may be that lending someone else’s device and linking to your account bypasses the restriction – delivering the operating system update to your watch as soon as it ‘s ready – but we’ll have to wait for the program to start to find out.

If you decide to join the program, Samsung warns you that you will receive an invitation. If you leave – a process that takes two days – you can not sign up again. We expect the beta to drop on June 2, if the company’s initial announcement is valid.

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