Laptop RTX 3070 GPU was found inside a desktop graphics card. Of course it is for encryption mining

Here’s a weird GPU switch. There are RTX 3070 graphics cards for sale in Asia with RTX 3070 chip chips in them — the kind intended for gaming laptops rather than discrete graphics cards. Well, it could be someone who had plenty of GPUs for laptops and did not have laptops to install them, but of course, it really seems like a game to bypass any cryptocurrency mining restrictions and make more money.

A post on Facebook (opens in new tab) from Vietnam, was spotted by a burglar I_Leak_VN (opens in new tab), describes one’s practical impressions of the so-called RTX 3070M. They state that “this GPU was used only for laptops in the past, now it has been packaged in cheap VGA.” There is no clear name visible on the shroud. However, it is likely to be manufactured by an OEM GPU partner in China, as it has also been spotted in the Chinese market Taobao and Aliexpress.

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