Kevin Durant Rumors: Raptor, Pelican, Sun, Heat

Kevin Durant Rumors: Raptor, Pelican, Sun, Heat

Kevin Durant Rumors: Raptor, Pelican, Sun, Heat

After ESPN’s Adrien Wojnarowski suggested on Friday that Toronto is a “researcher” as a team to watch Kevin Durant Sweepstakes,’s Michael Grange writes today that d Raptors Believe that they can put together the best package for Durant Nets Likely to receive.

Grange describes the Raptors as “optimistic” rather than “confident,” noting that there is a sense that Durant is at least open to the idea of ​​playing in Toronto, even if the team isn’t on his favorite list.

However, Grange warns that Jill may not agree with the Raptors’ assessment that they could offer the best package for Durant. In addition, Grange’s story suggests that Toronto has remained opposed to the creation of a rookie of the year. Scotty Barnes Still available.

While the Raptors are picking their entire next draft and have a lot of strong veterans in good contracts – including All-Star Fred Van Wilt And Pascal Siakamas well as OG Anunoby And Gary Trent Jr. – It’s not clear if they’ll be able to make a deal for Durant without putting Barnes on the table.

“It’s a billion-dollar question.” A source told Grange.

Here’s more about Durant:

  • In the latest episode of ESPN’s Hope social podcast (video link), Tim Bontemps said he believes Toronto “thinks it’s in the game” on Durant Sweepstakes, while Brian Windurst said he was still considering. the sun Favorite, because it’s rare for superstar players to never end up where they want to go.
  • Windhorst (video link) heard that d Pelican See Head Trainer Willie Green – Assistant in the Golden State during the Durand Warrior years – as an asset in the pursuit of the former MVP. As Windurst explains, the hope is that if Jal likes what the Pelicans offer, Green will have the opportunity to sell Durant in New Orleans.
  • Referring to New Orleans as a potential Durant landing site,’s Scott Kouchner wonders if Pelican Must seriously follow the 34-year-old.
  • In his latest look at Durant’s situation, Hopes hype Michael Scott confirms that the net will demand more than that. Dinder Eaton And Michael’s Bridges With in trade the sun And says which The heat The package is built around Taylor Hero “It won’t drop the surface of what the nets want.”
  • Brooklyn is looking for the best assets of the teams, Scott writes, including All-Stars, growing young players, and “significant” unsafe draft picks and exchanges.

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