Kerry Irving Business Rumors: The Lakers, Nets are actively discussing the deal involving Russell Westbrook, according to the report.

Kerry Irving Business Rumors: The Lakers, Nets are actively discussing the deal involving Russell Westbrook, according to the report.

The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers are making progress in the business that will replace Kerry Irving and Russell Westbrook, according to Chris Haynes. Other parts should be involved, but there is “considerable optimism” that both sides could make a deal this summer.

Irving recently made his way to the final year of his deal worth 36 36.4 million but is expected to be traded after his star team-mate Kevin Durant asked for a deal from the net. “If Kevin Durant is on the first train, Kerry Irving will be in the Caboose as far as the net goes,” said Brian Wendorst. Reported earlier this week.

During a season in which he played only 29 games because he refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and given his previous injury history – Irving has not played 70 games in a season since 2017. He played when he was still with the Cleveland Cavaliers. – The rent guard market is not as understandable as it is for Durant.

The Lakers, however, have very little to lose. Irving represents their best chance to add talent this summer, and he has a previous relationship with LeBron James. Both players will beat free agency next season, and the Lakers are trying to pull another title off the pair of LeBron and Anthony Davis. Irving has his downside, but on the court he will be a much better fit than Westbrook, and the Lakers title differences will be much greater.

Of course, Westbrook’s business is much easier than it used to be. The Lakers have been trying to do this since the middle of last season, just months after they actually got him. He recently opted for the final year of his contract, which is valued at 47 47 million, which makes business difficult from a logistical point of view. In addition, there is the fact that he has passed his first time, but still needs the ball in his hands to be effective most of the time.

There aren’t really any basketball terms that make sense, but the Nets are in a bad place after Durant’s business demands, and may be ready to take Westbrook as a termination deal if they can move Irving and some Eliminate privileges. Lakers. In particular, the Nets will be keen to pick some drafts on how much the Houston Rockets owe through the James Harden business in the coming years.

According to Haynes, the draft compensation is currently one of the biggest points in completing the business. The Lakers also have a bunch of upcoming draft options through the Anthony Davis deal, and already don’t want to add the next first-round options to the Westbrook move. If they can get Irving, though, it might be worth the price. In addition, teams clearly do not agree with other players to be involved. Specifically, the Nets want to move to Joe Harris, who has two years and 38 38.6 million left on his contract and comes from foot surgery, while the Lakers are pushing to get Seth Curry instead.

It doesn’t look like a deal is imminent at this stage, but if the two sides are so far apart in negotiations, it won’t be long before Irving joins LeBron and wears purple and gold.

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