Jim Ryan says PlayStation has 2 unannounced live service games coming this fiscal year

PlayStation is set to release two live service games during its current fiscal year, which ends in March 2023.

This is what Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan said during a business briefing on Thursday that the company currently had what it considered to be a live service game on MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show’s Diamond Dynasty feature allows players to purchase random card packs to try to create a dream team, either by winning or buying in-game currency.

A slide released during the briefing showed that the company plans to expand the number of service games by two during its current financial year, FY22.

Asked by an analyst if the two additional titles were announced or included a Destiny release from Bungie, the studio to be acquired, Ryan said: “Destiny is not included in the three games scheduled for FY22. The other two have not been announced yet. “

During the briefing, Ryan said that Sony considered the live titles as “endless games”. Sony plans to release 12 such securities by fiscal year 2025, a slide that emerged during the update, with three reaching FY23, four FY24 and two more FY25.

During the same update, Ryan suggested that at least some of the live service games he is developing are designed for PC.

PlayStation has become known for its blockbuster single-player games such as Spider-Man, The Last of Us and Ghost of Tsushima. However, last May, Sony said it planned to “develop more service-oriented experiences” in the first-party roster.

One of the live service games scheduled to be released in the next 10 months could be Naughty Dog’s multi-player under development game The Last of Us.

Naughty Dog has been hiring for a long time for the “first multiplayer standalone game”, which could be the result of the delayed online operation of The Last of Us Part 2 which was extended to its own title.

Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerrilla is also working on an online game, job postings have confirmed.

Jim Ryan says PlayStation has 2 unannounced live service games coming this fiscal year

Another title that is considered to be in progress is a relaunch of the Twisted Metal car series, which could coincide with a scheduled TV series.

VGC reported for the first time earlier this year that UK-based Firesprite – which was acquired by Sony last year – had taken on an unannounced Twisted Metal project after an earlier version of Destruction All Stars Lucid studio stopped growing.

Sony has also signed a multi-player prototype from Firewalk, a new studio founded by Bungie veterans, and will release the first title from Deviation Games, a studio led by former Call of Duty veterans Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell.