Jason Tatum and Boston Celtics approach Game 5 against the Miami Heat with “more sense of urgency, especially to get started”

MIAMI – In three of the first four games of the Eastern Conference finals, the team leading at the end of the first ten minutes has reached the top each time.

So as the Boston Celtics prepare to face the Miami Heat in Game 5 at the FTX Arena on Wednesday night, in turn having knots in each of the two games, they know they have to start strong in this game to get away. with a desperately needed road victory.

“Whatever happened in the last game is the last game, regardless of whether we won by 25 or 2,” Celtics star Jayson Tatum said after Boston’s shot on Wednesday morning. “Everyone counts as one [win]. Therefore, we should not feel better about ourselves because we broke them [in Game 4].

“And I think we should not relax. We should look at it as a new series, and tonight is a game you have to win. And I think when you approach something as something you have to win and you have a greater sense of urgency, especially for to start, I think that’s how we should approach tonight, and that’s the first five, six minutes of the game. “

For the last two rounds, dating from the start of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Milwaukee Bucks, the Celtics are now a 5-0 virginity when they lost the previous game. But after wins, Boston is a sad 1-4, with its only win coming in the 7th game against Milwaukee.

If Boston wants to get out of this series and reach the NBA Finals for the first time since 2010, that record needs to change – and the Celtics will have to win another game in Miami after winning Game 2 here. last week.

Aside from the fact that the game starts well, the other obvious difference in any game is Boston’s ability – or lack thereof – to take care of the ball. In the two victories of the Celtics, they have made only a few upheavals. In their two defeats, they have thrown the ball all over the gym, allowing the Heat to take one easy transition basket after another.

“I think we have confidence,” said Payton Pritchard. We know what we have to do, to watch the ball, to set the tone defensively, but we were in this situation in the last row “.

“It just starts with the jump … it starts with our intensity. Every time we come out of a defeat, we play like our backs to the wall. We have to take that mentality in every game and obviously just watch the ball. The games “When we lost, we had 39 upset. The games we won, we had 18 upset, so it’s a big difference.”

Boston is also waiting to see if guard Marcus Smart and center Robert Williams III can play, as both are being questioned for a second straight game. Smart faces the sprain of his right ankle that kept him out of Match 4 and Celtics coach Ime Udoka said he still has “pain, swelling and pain” before Match 5. Smart will receive full treatment again the day before the briefing before a decision is made on his condition, Udoka said.

Williams, meanwhile, is also experiencing constant pain and shoots from his left knee that have caused him a variety of problems over the past two months. Williams underwent surgery on his meniscus at the end of regular season, losing most of Boston’s first-round series against Brooklyn and then losing three games in the Milwaukee series due to pain from a bruised bone.

He also covered Boston defeat in Game 3 in this series with knee pain, then returned to Game 4 – and seemed to stumble from time to time in the third quarter.

As with Smart, Udoka said Williams would be receiving treatment all day before his condition could be determined.

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