It’s PC Gaming Week with Nvidia GeForce RTX

It’s PC Gaming Week with Nvidia GeForce RTX

(Pocket-lint) – This is PC Gaming Week with Nvidia GeForce RTX all week on Pocket-lint.

As of Friday 13 May 2022, we have a whole host of features, reviews, interviews, videos and other exciting excerpts dedicated to computer gaming.

You can watch all of our content in a special section here at Pocket-lint and discover everything from the best games you can buy right now to explanations of every key feature to look out for on a modern graphics card.

There is something for everyone, but if you want a starting point, here are some of the highlights so far to see:

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Useful things to know before building a gaming computer

The thought of making your own playground can be scary. There are many things to think about in advance, so these tips will help alleviate your worries.

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How To Build A Mid-Range Gaming Computer

In this guide, we show you how to build a mid-range gaming computer – a computer that will keep your games enjoyable for a few years. Nor does he need to break the bank.

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What is DLSS? Explained Nvidia’s graphics technology with artificial intelligence

If you’re thinking about the latest and greatest Nvidia RTX graphics cards, you’ve probably seen something in DLSS. However, if you are not sure what the game is and how it benefits, here is a quick explanation.

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The best computer games to buy 2022: Fantastic games to add to your collection

Here are our picks from the best PC games available for purchase right now, on various online platforms and in stores.

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Upcoming PC Games: The best new games to look forward to in 2022 and beyond

Want to know what you are going to take care of your playground in the future? The following is a detailed list of the top computer games on the horizon.

There are many more available to check out, with new content being added every day.

Best PS5 2022 Games: Amazing PlayStation 5 titles to get

Even the The Pocket-lint Podcast goes live this week, with a special gaming PC version available Friday.

So be sure to bookmark your PC Gaming hub and return to Pocket-lint all week to discover everything you need to know about Nvidia GeForce RTX PC games and graphics cards.

PC Gaming Week (May 9 – 13) in collaboration with Nvidia GeForce RTX
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