“I do not need this!”: WizzAir pilot shouts at passengers over tannoy during “SEVEN HOURS DELAY”

“I do not need this!”: The moment the WizzAir pilot loses his temper and yells at passengers for the tan during a “SEVEN HOUR DELAY” on the Gatwick runway

  • A passenger recorded a pilot screaming over his body during a seven-hour delay
  • WizzAir flight bound for Cyprus but stuck at Gatwick Airport
  • The troubled pilot said “I do not need this!” and asked who wanted to go down

A passenger was caught when a frustrated WizzAir pilot rushed over the roof while standing still on the runway at Gatwick Airport during a reported seven-hour delay.

“I do not need that!” He told the exhausted vacationers, who were stuck in their seats and waiting to start for their destination Larnaca, Cyprus.

Passenger Hannah Mace filmed the moment in disbelief and uploaded the video to TikTok.

A passenger on a WizzAir flight to Cyprus recorded the moment when the pilot lost his temper and started screaming over the roof during a “seven-hour delay” at Gatwick Airport

The passengers of the aircraft were shocked as the pilot told them that they could leave the plane if they wanted to.

The passengers of the aircraft were shocked as the pilot told them that they could leave the plane if they wanted to.

The WizzAir pilot was heard to say: “Raise your hands please, who wants to get off?

“We will not go tonight if you come down.

“You know, I do not need this, the crew does not need this.

“We are doing everything we can to get you out of here.

“It simply came to my notice then. Completely out of control.

“We are doing what we can.

“If you want to get off, I will leave you, no problem.”

At TikTok, viewers sympathized with the pilot as he lost his temper.

One person said, “Oh, bless him though. You can hear the pain in his voice.

“He wanted to continue as much as everyone else, it must be hard for everyone to moan with you.”

Another wrote: “To be fair, I’m on his side. “He’s probably extremely stressed and the crew is exhausted.”

On Tuesday morning, travelers complained of delays of up to four hours, with a Twitter user describing their experience as “horrible” and “gloomy”.

A Gatwick airport spokesman wrote on Twitter in response: “Hello, we’re really sorry for any delay. We operate an animated queue system and the staff works hard to process the passengers as quickly as possible through the Security Search “.

Earlier this month on a different WizzAir flight, a British passenger was arrested after a huge brawl broke out.

The flight to Crete fell into disarray shortly after landing, with fists falling on other travelers, even the pilot, holidaymakers said.

The mass clash saw women and men injured in hand-to-hand combat.

The passenger and his friend behaved badly throughout the flight and his anger boiled over when he was told that the police would accompany him to the airport, according to witnesses.

The tourists said the couple smoked and vaporized throughout the trip, threatening fellow travelers and getting drunk before even getting on the plane.

The pilot then tried to calm the situation, but then hit himself, eyewitnesses said.

Police eventually dragged the blood-stained man away from the plane with his trousers around his ankles.

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