Hulu is partnering with Xbox to offer free games for PC Gamers in a package – TechCrunch

Hulu is partnering with Xbox to offer free games for PC Gamers in a package – TechCrunch

Hulu and Xbox have announced a partnership agreement that gives existing Hulu subscribers in the US three months free PC Game Pass as part of the Hulu Friends of Benefit initiative. The move to target gamers follows Netflix’s entry into the gaming market, where streamer has made some mobile games without ads part of its subscription service.

However, the Hulu and Xbox offer is a limited time deal – not a new gaming initiative. The companies said that this current offer can be redeemed until July 23, 2022 and is valid only for PC Game Pass and not for Game Pass Ultimate. Also, it can only be redeemed by Hulu US subscribers who are about to get a new Game Pass.

This seems to be the first time Hulu has made this kind of deal with a gaming company. Xbox partnered with Disney’s other streaming service, Disney +, in 2020, offering Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers a free Disney + month.

Hulu wrote in a statement, “At Hulu, every decision we make starts with the viewer. We do this through stories that come to life and give Hulu subscribers the opportunity to engage with their favorite shows, movies and brands through selected privileges and activations, including the Hulu Friends with Benefits initiative, Hulu’s way of thanking you to be just a fan – because that’s what friends are for. “

Normally, the PC Game Pass costs $ 9.99 a month, so this offer is an opportunity for PC gamers to try over 100 different games, including titles like Minecraft, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Forza Horizon 5, Halo, and access EA Play games such as The Sims 4, It Takes Two and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. PC Game Pass also provides access to many new same day retail games. Xbox said in a statement that more games will be released in the next three months.

While hardcore gamers love to play on consoles, there are an astonishing number of dedicated PC gamers. Statista shows that there are 1.77 billion of them worldwide and the number is expected to increase, potentially exceeding 1.9 billion in 2024.

On the other hand, Insider Intelligence believes that the number of PC players will decrease only in 2022 and mobile games will dominate. This could explain why Netflix approached mobile gaming instead of PC. Mobile gaming is another impressive competitor in the gaming space, and Netflix has taken care of this demographic of the most casual, on-the-go gamblers. According to Apptopia, Netflix mobile games have been installed more than 8 million times since its release.

In March, Netflix announced its unique first-person shooter title Into the Dead 2: Unleashed, which could expand its reach to more gaming enthusiasts. In addition, Business Insider cited an earlier list of Netflix jobs that may have implied that the company plans to expand into consoles and gaming consoles. The job list was for a video game technology artist, and he said the ideal candidate “has submitted three or more console or computer games as an engineer or equivalent.”

The League of Legends “Arcane” animated series was a huge success for the streamer, so it’s no shock that Hextech Mayhem, licensed by Riot Games, has been a hit with 58% of its fans. League of Legends in the US more likely. subscribe to Netflix from other streaming services, by interpretation data. Fifty-five percent of all players choose to subscribe to the stream, while 27% and 16% of players choose the ad-supported program and the ad-free level, respectively.

In total, Netflix has 221 million subscribers worldwide and highly frustrated shareholders with a loss of 200,000 subscribers in its recent quarterly earnings report. For the second quarter of 2022, total combined subscriptions for Disney +, Hulu and ESPN + exceeded 205 million, with Hulu contributing 45.6 million subscribers.

While there is no indication that Hulu will follow in the footsteps of Netflix, it is interesting to note that more streaming services have begun to follow each other down the gaming hole.

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