How Zelda fans turned the time Ocarina into a vanilla N64

How Zelda fans turned the time Ocarina into a vanilla N64

دا ... داسې نه کیږي چې په <em>Ocarina of time</em> Occur in.  Here’s the story of how some fans made it anyway – all in stock N64 unchanged <em>Ocarina</em> With cartridges. “/><figcaption class=

Expansion / It … shouldn’t happen in it Ocarina of time. Here’s the story of how some fans created it anyway – all in stock N64 with unchanged Ocarina Cartridge

Summer games have accelerated

Shortly after our Guide to Summer Games Summer 2022 completed Fast Live, Events hosted an amazing demonstration of the classic video game – one that has since come to the forefront of Arsenal article responses. If we want to split the hair, it goes through the 1998 N64 classic The Legend of Zelda: The Carina of Time It’s not a “speed”, but it’s another example of the “TASBot” concept that transforms games in ways we wouldn’t have even dreamed of 24 years ago.

The team of fans and programmers for this week’s “Triforce-%” demonstration then revealed how they achieved this feat without the stock N64 and the original. Ocarina Retail Cartridge – Although the controller inserts on the bar are so fast and accurate that they can’t do much with the computer.

Nothing is hidden about this race

The first video of 2020 that explains how old reference intervention works. You may have watched this before watching the SGDQ 2022 video, more below are posted.

The 53-minute demonstration (placed at the end of this article) opens with an exploit that was previously discovered in late 2019, which the community has dubbed the “Steel Reference Manipulation”. This exploit takes advantage of vulnerabilities in the original version 1.0 of the game, which allowed players to manipulate numeric values ​​assigned to specific objects in the game’s memory. A very detailed description of this complex technique can be found in the YouTube video from the beginning of 2020 (embedded above), as it describes the different numerical values ​​assigned to each object in the game, such as their X-, Y- , And Z-. Axes and their rotation.

Clever players can delete or ignore the original code of the game values ​​so they can fit in with the players. The technique we’ve been looking at this week requires Link to pick up the stone as it passes through the “loading zone”, a hallway used to hide loading breaks in the N64 hardware, and It performs in a way that the game was not designed to handle. .

Initially, this extraction was a speed-driven tool, as it could trick the game into loading the final credit order and technically calculate it as “complete” in just a few minutes. But Triforce’s percentage runs are much higher.

Rampage new content in classic games

Hey, wait, it doesn't matter here ... but as the TASBot demonstration team points out, <em>Star Fox 64</em> One of the Irving on the original <em>Ocarina</em> Remained in the cartridge, as a note that this object was used to test some dynamic routines in the early stages of development. “Src =” 07 / Screenshot-103-980×653.png “width =” 980 “height =” 653 “/><figcaption class=
Expansion / Hey, wait, it doesn’t matter here … but as the TASBot Demonstration Team points out, an Irving Star Fox 64 Basically stayed Ocarina Cartridge, as a note that this object was used to test certain dynamic routines in the early stages of development.

Summer games have accelerated

By picking up and dropping specific items, then moving the game’s hero link and performing exercises in a specific sequence, the TASBot team opens a Pandora’s box which is known as executing a secret code – vulnerability. The type used by hackers all over the world. Create a connected computer system running any code they want. What’s more, the TASBot series of movements and commands starts telling N64 to accept button encryption from all four N64 controllers as it is coded.

It remained as a beta element in item-loving menu games, easily discovered for use in SGDQ 2022 runs.
Expansion / It remained as a beta element in item-loving menu games, easily discovered for use in SGDQ 2022 runs.

Summer games have accelerated

At this point, one computer picks up all four N64 controller ports and sends a series of fast-fire extinguishers of button taps, as if it were a flash-matching superhero. glitched outside Ocarina The cartridge instructed the N64 to accept each button tap in a manner similar to that of a special code wire. Once a sufficient amount of this payment has been sent, the team can restore normal control to the “Player One” port, so that a real person can play through a completely new layout of content – all N64 random access memory. (Immersed in RAM) by the impressive speed of the other three controllers.

These in-flight patches can do a lot of incredible things that together with the cartridge-only read-only memory (ROM) are completely similar to the built-in patch, although the TASBot team limits itself to those changes. That applies specifically to console RAM: minor changes to existing code, placement of the entire file, or commands that tell the game to ignore the content so that it will normally be loaded from the ROM. As a result, this extraction can deteriorate or worsen if the player goes beyond the expected path that is desirable for this extraction.

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