How to stream PC games and movies to your Xbox console with a free app

If you have a Windows 10 or 11 PC and an Xbox One or X / S Series console, you may not be aware that these devices have some interesting multi-functionality. Using Microsoft Wireless Display, you can easily transfer games from your Xbox to your Windows PC screen. Instead, you can stream everything on your PC to the TV you use with your Xbox – you can even control it from the console and setup is surprisingly simple.

One note though: This is a wireless only option. Because the app uses Miracast to stream content from your PC, you need to make sure that both your Windows PC and your Xbox One or X / S Series are on the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Stream Your PC to Xbox One or Series X / S

Any Windows 10 or 11 PC that can connect to Wi-Fi will support wireless streaming, but you’ll need to download a free Xbox app.

  • Navigate to the console in the Microsoft Store (or just click this link) and download the Wireless Display app on your Xbox.
  • Once the application is installed on the console, open it. It will display a message saying that your console is now ready to connect to your computer. The app also mentions a very useful tip to keep in mind: the controller can be switched between keyboard / mouse control functions by pressing the menu and projection buttons (the two buttons below the backlit Xbox logo on the controller).

The Wireless Display landing screen is up and running and ready to connect to an Xbox console.

  • Go to your computer. Once you are ready to stream content, press the Windows key combination + K. Alternatively, you can click Connect to a wireless monitor in the Show system settings menu. Either way, your console name will appear on the next screen.

Make sure you select this button to allow inputs if you want to play streaming computer games from your Xbox with a single controller.

  • From here, you can choose to expand what is on your computer screen, copy it, or set the screen on your Xbox as your second screen. For our purposes, we set it as a copy so that the Xbox screen reflects our computer screen.

This small taskbar gives you easy access to streaming and logging functions.

  • Once connected, you will see a small, moving taskbar at the top of your computer screen and your wireless TV. This allows you to adjust the quality setting (accessible by clicking on the gear icon) between the game, job or movie modes. During the test, it was difficult to distinguish the visual quality difference between the three. We found that setting up games is best if you only play computer games, as it has the least noticeable latency when using a controller.

The option to stream audio to your Xbox is in the list of players when you click the volume icon on the system tray.

Tip: If you have connected audio to a better sound on your TV, you can change the output audio there instead of your computer.

  • Tap the speaker icon on the Windows taskbar.
  • Choose Digital output [your Xbox’s name here]

Finally, Microsoft claims that you can not use the Wireless Display application to display what it considers to be “protected content”. Therefore, any encrypted video content from applications such as Netflix or Hulu will not work. However, we could stream anything we wanted through the Google Chrome browser. If you’re having trouble trying to watch your movie or TV show on Netflix or Hulu, we recommend downloading these apps from the Microsoft Store on your Xbox.

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