How to optimize your computer for games

How to optimize your computer for games

Play is the ultimate way to relax or have a great time with a friend. The game is enjoyable when you do not encounter any technical problems in the process. The best way to get the ultimate gaming experience is to optimize your computer by implementing specific software and hardware solutions.

You can play games via a Samsung PC or TV screen. You download most of the games from the internet, making you vulnerable to cyber attacks. In order to bypass the potential of any cybersecurity issue, you can use some VPN providers with your Samsung TV to guarantee the confidentiality and security of data. VPNs work by encrypting your location and data so that hackers can not access it.

Software Solutions

Software solutions are less costly as they relate to customizing your Windows or PC settings to suit your gaming needs. Are the folowing.

  1. Enable gaming in Windows

Enabling the game mode should be the first solution when trying to modify the game performance on your computer. Gaming mode is important because it improves PC performance by stopping background activities, including Windows updates and app alerts. As a result, the gaming feature enhances the FPS in your games, thus optimizing your gaming experience.

Most of the time, the game mode should be enabled by default. However, it is always good to confirm the status of Game Mode. You can navigate to the gaming section in the settings and control the game mode. You should enable it if you find it disabled.

  1. Activate Focus Assist

Playing games is fun and there is nothing so bad as to be bothered by unnecessary notifications with the bells that come with them. Focus Assist is useful as it lets you specify when and how to receive alerts.

Applying Focus Assist as a solution to optimize your PC, you can navigate to your PC Settings, where you click Systems and then Focus Assist. To enable Focus Assist, click on ‘Alarms Only’ or ‘Priority Only’ to hide all unnecessary pop-ups.

  1. Uninstall unnecessary programs and bloatware

With each program installed, your computer’s window tends to slow down. You can uninstall unnecessary programs to improve your computer performance and improve power efficiency.

Uninstall a program includes going to Control Panel and then Programs and Features. Select all the programs that you no longer use and click Uninstall, and then confirm your uninstall option before you can remove the applications from your computer.

  1. Reduce the resolution and graphics settings of your game

Top computers do not require many adjustments to improve the gaming experience. However, if you work with fewer than the top computers, you should be content to trade your graphics section for improved gaming.

The art of reducing the game’s graphics settings facilitates GPUs and enhances the FSP in the process. The most advanced gaming computers can support [email protected] in games, while others find it difficult to handle 4K or 2K resolutions. 1080 gaming is a game for the everyday desktop laptop. Therefore, it is good to find the optimal balance between graphic quality and optimal FSP.

  1. Disable mouse acceleration

Pointer Precision, also known as mouse acceleration, is useful when performing word processing and running between basic GUI principles in Windows and additional computer programs. However, accelerating the mouse can seriously affect the performance of your mouse in games. Therefore, disabling Pointer Precision can help optimize your gaming PC.

Navigate to the Control Panel by clicking the Mouse and then the Pointer Options and deselect the “Improve Pointer Accuracy” check box to disable mouse acceleration.

  1. Turn off automatic Steam updates

Steam, by design, upgrades your games, depleting the necessary resources, which include memory, processing power and Internet bandwidth. This way, the steam updates interfere with the smooth running of the games.

You can prevent automatic steam updates by navigating to steam to make sure the “Allow in-game downloads” action is not selected. The setting of automatic steam updates is usually turned off by default. So make sure it stays that way.

  1. Disable the Nagle algorithm

The characteristic Nagle’s algorithm is necessary to enhance Internet connectivity. Improves Internet connection by minimizing the amount of packets that need to be transmitted over the computer network. However, the Nagle algorithm can reduce the gaming experience by causing playback delays.

Current Internet connections have speeds of up to one hundred megabits per second. Therefore, it is prudent that the Nagle algorithm is disabled to avoid delays.

  1. Disable access key combinations

Accidental opening of notification windows is a common occurrence when your computer is running. However, doing so during the game may discourage you, as it reduces your imaginative gaming experience. “Sticky Keys” are great accessibility features, but they can be very annoying when playing. Therefore, disabling accessibility features can help improve the gaming experience.

Hardware solutions

Hardware solutions touch your computer components and network devices. They include the following.

  1. Add more RAM

RAM is essential when it comes to your computer speed. It could create or ruin your ultimate experience, hence the need to ensure that it is sufficient for your gaming needs. Modern games require so much RAM to run. Thus, adding more RAM to your computer greatly enhances your gaming experience.

  1. Ensure optimal broadband speed and latency

Slow internet connection combined with extreme latency leads to delays and slow reaction times in computer games. However, a fast and low latency internet connection minimizes the latency leading to improved response times and improved gaming performance.

Other hardware solutions include upgrading to SSD, upgrading your graphics card, reinstalling new Windows, or purchasing a new computer.


Optimizing your computer guarantees a better gaming experience. You can upgrade your computer by implementing the aforementioned software and hardware solutions.

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