High Series One Pro vs Logistic G Pro X Superlight

High Series One Pro vs Logistic G Pro X Superlight

High Series One Pro vs Logistic G Pro X Superlight

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The High Series One Pro is currently available as a group purchase from Glorious Forge, and the High seems to be widely targeted in the Logitech G Pro X Super Light. Both mice have the same characteristics and almost the same shape, so we thought we would stand against each other to see which one was worth buying. At the time of writing, there are only 16 days left to purchase the Advanced Series One Pro, so you’d better make up your mind as soon as possible, let’s see if we can contribute to our Advanced Series One. Pro vs Logitech G Pro X Superlight Battle Let’s take a closer look at the candidates.

Logistic G Pro X Superlight

Logistic G Pro X Superlight

From the basic statistics, you can see how similar these two mice are at least on the surface. However, game mice are very special things, meaning that there are more significant things than statistics. Let’s go into more detail and see where these mice are the same, and where they differ from each other.


First, let’s consider the most personal and thematic aspect of mouse design, shape. It’s no secret that Logitech created a popular and performance-focused look all the way through 2016 with the original G Pro. With high arch and short total length this shape was suitable for claw or finger grips and such grip types occur. Very common for sports professionals. This turned out to be surprising when it was quickly approved by pro players like s1mple.

Logistics has been chosen to prevent the shape change for the G Pro X Superlight, although it prefers the shape of most competitors. It was a prudent move to avoid deleting the sports profile that the G Pro format was fond of.

This brings us to the Super Series One Pro format. Surprisingly no one, it’s almost completely identical to the G Pro. This makes sense because the G Pro shape is considered a mouse design ornament by most people, even some here at WePC offices. It’s actually so similar that we’ll call this stage a draw because the exact differences in shape aren’t so important when one interior is superior to another. Talking about it, let’s get to the sensor.

Winner: Drawing


The sensor builds the heart of the mouse’s abilities. It commands DPI, CPI, IPS, Max Speed, and Voting Rate. Despite many other dark summaries and introductions. Despite the nervous nature of mouse sensors, they have a huge impact on the general characteristics of the mouse, so it should be covered.

Glorious organized the Series One Pro with their superior BAMF sensor. This is the same 19,000 DPI sensor we first saw with the release of the Advanced Model I and it works very well with 400IPS tracking speed and Pixart-influenced design. Generally considered almost entirely based on the Pixart PAW3370, this sensor has strong specifications and is well received as accurate, reliable, and powerful enough for most applications.

The G Pro X Superlight, by comparison, has a respectable HERO 25K. It is rightly regarded as an industry-leading sensor. It’s not surprising that the sensor boasts amazing specifications, a huge 25,600 DPI, 400+ IPD tracking speeds, and a degree of efficiency far above the high BAMF classification, although both sensors The same is true of the original company Pixart. As a result of the complete difference in numbers, you will not be surprised at the end of this phase,

Winner: Logistic G Pro X Superlight

Battery life

The primary advantage of wireless mice is the lack of cable. This eliminates the cable drag, and therefore the need to use a bungee. In addition, the lack of cable on board, very little desktop, which can be a big deal for people.

Of course, we need to point to Hattin in the room, which is an unpublished state of the art series. This means that we are still unable to use any qualitative data from Gloris to evaluate the validity of the 84-hour claim. As it stands, the Logitech G Pro X wireless is capable of up to 70 hours of battery life in continuous motion. This is less than the 84 hours set by Gloris. However, Glorious ahs are known to be reliable on their battery life claim so we will give it to Glorious temporarily, but we will test it when we get our hands on the series One Pro and this page Update accordingly.

Winner: A pro of the high series


This period, unfortunately, is a great success. It will be obvious to any of you who have used G Hub or Advanced Home before because one of them is much more user friendly than the other. While Gloris Home is active, Gloris didn’t have much time to develop a situation where it could compete with G-Hub’s psychology and clarity. Yes, it is done, but not too close.

Winner: Logistic GHub


Yes yes, very thematic and therefore very divisive stage, design. Fortunately, this period isn’t as much a one-sided success as it would normally be as the G Pro X and Series One Pro just don’t come in black. We at WePC here have been tired of the pure black color schemes over the last few years and fortunately, these mice are available in a few different colors at no extra cost.

g Pro x Available colors

The G Pro X Superlight is available in pink, black or white. These options are smart because they run the gamut of the most popular choices in game paradigms, so the G Pro X can always fit into a pre-existing layout. The mouse itself is designed almost below, with minimal logos and a simple line of text to read on the side. “Super light“. These aspects remain the same regardless of the color you choose.

An interesting series of available colors

A Pro of the High Series, by comparison, is a bit more interesting when it comes to coloring. They even come up with some weird names for each species, Genus (yellow), Centauri (red), and Weather (blue). It differs in scroll wheel, DPI cycle button, and gray / white shade in the original casing. They look great with sub-cases and interesting color accents, which is why we see this stage because they are so creative here.

Winner: A pro of the high series

The price

While the ټ 150 price tag of the Logitech G Pro X Superlite is generally valued considering the leading performance of the mouse industry, it is still far from the budget for most people. This is in stark contrast to the more affordable cost of the Glorious Series One Pro as it is currently available for group purchase at US تح 99 with free delivery. Because of the complete difference in price, the winner is obvious here.

Winner: A pro of the high series

High Series One Pro vs Logistic G Pro X Superlight: Results

Glories has managed to succeed here in terms of logistics. However, we will not be sure for sure until the first group purchase of the series is completed and the products are shipped. If you’re still unsure, we’ve also patched the G Pro X vs Razer Viper V2 Pro. Which can add a third competitor to fight to buy your next game mouse. Additionally, if you are still unsure, you can read our Logitech G Pro X Superlight Games Mouse review for more details.

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