GFN Thursday: PC Gaming with GeForce NOW

It has never been easier to be a computer player.

GeForce NOW is your gateway to computer games. With the power of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs in the cloud, any player can stream titles from top digital game stores – even on low-power hardware.

Develop your PC Gaming rankings this Thursday GFN and get ready for seven more games streamed from the GeForce NOW library this week, including PC-only games like Terror of hunger.

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Thanks to GeForce NOW, more players than ever before can experience what it means to play computer games in incredible quality on almost any device.

Play at GeForce NOW
Playing great computer games is just a few clicks away.

Members can stream more than 1,000 PC titles owned by digital game stores such as Steam, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect, Origin and And because they stream from the cloud, almost any of their devices can become GeForce gaming platforms – even Macs or mobile devices.

Playing computer games means accessing an entire proprietary universe – titles not available on other platforms. Unite and survive Walheimor battle for supremacy in Dota 2. Conquer the universe inside EVE Onlineor be the last to enter Elysium ring. Join hundreds of players to explore New worldor get organized with other ghost hunters Fascophobia. The choices are almost endless.

Members of the RTX 3080 subscription – now available for 1 month – can enjoy the next generation of cloud gaming, PC and Mac gaming streaming up to 1440 pixels and 120 frames per second. And with support for NVIDIA DLSS and RTX ON, titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Dying Light 2 rendered with great cinematic quality – the way they were meant to be played.

Dread Hunger at GeForce NOW
Survive in the Arctic with a crew of eight explorers at Dread Hunger. But beware – there are traitors among you.

New games are added to the GeForce NOW library every Thursday GFN, including popular PC titles such as Terror of hunger, which puts you and seven others in a deadly game of survival and betrayal. Even with a small personal collection to get you started, get instant access to almost 100 free games from Steam and the Epic Games Store. All the progress is synchronized with the cloud, so you can continue playing on all your devices or even on your own GeForce gaming platform.

Are you ready to join the computer universe? Sign up for a GeForce NOW subscription, download the app, or access the service directly from a supported browser, and connect the toy stores to the GeForce NOW library to start playing computer games on all devices today.

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Monster Energy at GeForce NOW
Grab life at the wheel and magnify glory in “Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5”.

There is always something new to play at GeForce NOW. The following is a complete list of seven titles coming this week:

With the power of the cloud and all these new games, we have everything you need to be a PC player here at Twitter:

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