“Gamer apartments” available for rent for under $ 350 per month, accompanied by a full gaming PC installation

THE ‘e-roomComes complete with gaming PCs, desk, chair and more.

With the e-sports industry growing stronger, all kinds of innovative products have emerged in recent years with the aim of helping players; or is it something as simple as sticks that you can use while playing, to something more extreme, like this intense office / bed combination for toys.

For serious players but what kind set up Having it is vital to your success and to those who want to play serious games, the initial installation costs can be scary. High-performance computers are expensive, and for gamers switching to a console computer, a desk and chair are also required.

Japanese e-sports company Basara decided to tackle this problem and it is rental ready-made apartments for players.

The apartments, called ‘electronic rooms», Come furnished with everything a player needs – a gaming computer with gaming screen, mouse and keyboard, gaming desk and gaming chair. Computer specifications vary depending on the monthly rent. the cheapest ‘design for beginnershas a monthly rent of 39,000 yen ($ 340) and includes a GeForce GTX1650 computer with Intel Core i7 processor and 480 GB SSD. the more expensive ‘elite designFor those who are already serious gamers, it costs 69,000 ($ 600) yen a month and includes a GeForce RTX3070Ti PC with AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor and 1 TB SSD.

▼ This no longer needs to be you!

Potential tenants can also choose to set up their keyboard and mouse from a selection of popular brands, including Logicool, SteelSeries, Corsair and HyperX. There are a total of 50 keyboard / mouse combinations available. An additional option is the “streamer package” which includes a webcam and a microphone.

If gaming is not your cup of tea, the company also offers it “illustrator design” for digital artists and “Video creator design”. Both designs offer computer-aided compartments for digital artists and videographers, with additional options such as drawing tablets and display arms.

There are currently two buildings offering electronic rooms, both in Sendai, Miyagi Province, and Basara hopes to expand electronic rooms across the country in the future.

Applications for e-rooms open in early March, so if you want to improve your quality of life in games, start packing your things now. And if anyone is challenging your life choices, this Japanese Twitter user has your back.

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Source: PR Times
Images: PR Times, Pakutaso
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