Fans of the Ginseng effect are upset about the ‘white-washed’ summaries

Fans of the Ginseng effect are upset about the ‘white-washed’ summaries

Fans of the Ginseng effect are upset about the ‘white-washed’ summaries

Sino has a long beard.

Screenshot: HoYoverse / YouTube / Kotaku

The effect of ginseng Fans are looking forward to the new Sumerian area as it was first mentioned Launch trailer Returned in 2020. But since the new Soomro characters Written online YesterdayFans have expressed concern that developers have become White washing Characters

The community broadly agrees that Samurai is mainly based on Southwest Asian and North African (SWANA) cultures. The launch trailer Sumero character had a yellow head like Egypt, and has many NPCs in the area. Arabic Or Sanskrit Names before new characters are posted on the Internet, گنشین Fans were worried about how the Shanghai-based studio would manage to have savannah characters in the games. گنشینThe cast is remarkably light-skinned with only two exceptions, and all Sumeru NPCs in the game are equally bright. So even though the letters aren’t the final design, fans aren’t optimistic about the difficulties of getting black characters that will help the character roller feel more representative of Southwest Asia and North Africa.

This is not the first time the studio has been criticized for its representation. The last great example It happened in April last yearWhen fans found a video گنشین The developers refer to the local dance for the animal’s hilarious enemies. Fans were also upset that the playable night character Kaya was described as “outsider”, a term many people of color consider inhuman (after all). Removed from English placement). What makes the last letters sad for people is that گنشین Based on the HoYoverse description of the SWANA people will receive valuable content throughout the year. If developers don’t put in place important ideas, it’s worth the whole year گنشین The content will likely be damaged by mistake, an unfortunate possibility for Savannah Legacy players.

As a result of these letters, fans who want dark-skinned characters are already beginning to be separated by the phantom. Some have been subjugated Racist commentsAnd others should justify why there shouldn’t be a character named “Kosnali” Looks like a fairy from Mondstadt. This is a bad situation that will likely continue as Samurai gets live updates on the next big patch series. of the گنشین Society It may be racist Even towards Accurate representation of China. Any significant errors in how SWANA characters are represented will be exacerbated by the racist sentiments already present in the phenomenon.

Some fans wanted representation from the SWANA area, however Had doubts About how the Sumerians combined many cultural influences into one comprehensive urban state. This creative decision was particularly reversible because the former territories were based on single countries: Germany, China and Japan.

Liver enthusiasts have speculated that the Sumerians are not based on any modern nation, but potentially ancient ones. Zoroastrian civilizations of the First Empire of Persia, Which covered the areas of many modern countries. And it is possible that Samurai himself was named after the Mesopotamian civilization Summer. So it is entirely possible that Samira will be well researched and respected based on her knowledge. But fans are still reluctant to comment on HoYoverse’s apparent interest in including dark-skinned people as playable characters. Especially when the company will make a profit on plaster bridges in SWANA characters.

The effect of ginseng It’s a mythical work, but it has made a significant effort to connect the mythical world of Teutonic to real-life history and culture. If HoYoverse pays much attention to the historical accuracy of Sumero As it clearly did for Anazoma, So it should release playable characters that are darker than white or gray. And like some Gacha lovers Have pointed outA recently released action-RPG Delete It has a lot of dark skinned characters in its cast despite being produced by a Chinese company.

And honestly, I’m not going to argue that Chinese developers don’t understand racism, or that they don’t understand the importance of accurate and respectful representation. The developers clearly knew their global audience May react badly to Yun Jan’s revelation When they Make a defense video Her traditional Chinese opera design. I had a beautiful and convincing experience when I was playing in search of Yoon Jin. I just want my Savannah friend to be able to experience what I did.

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