Elon Musk picks holes in Twitter algorithm, offers 3 steps.  Jack Dorsey says… |  World News

Elon Musk picks holes in Twitter algorithm, offers 3 steps. Jack Dorsey says… | World News

Elon Musk’s deal on Twitter has been terminated, but the multi-billionaire did not stop tweeting about Twitter and for one of those tweets where he revealed the sample size of a robot control, Elon Musk also received a call from Twitter’s legal team.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whose $ 44 billion Twitter deal was temporarily put on hold, offered three easy steps to his fans to “fix” the flow of Twitter. The multibillionaire said: “The algorithm manipulates you in ways you do not realize. Easy to shift back and forth to see the difference.” According to the SEC, Elon Musk did not have the right to post tweets about his acquisition on Twitter, if this discredited the company or any of its representatives.

So what are these 3 steps that Elon Musk suggests?

1. Press the “Home” button.

2. Tap stars in the upper right corner of the screen

3. Select “latest tweets”.

“This is the message the Illuminaughty brought to you,” Elon Musk added sarcastically.

While Elon Musk continues his habit of sending random tweets, co-founder and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has chosen to respond to Elon Musk’s obvious complaint about Twitter’s algorithm. Responding to Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey said the algorithm was designed simply “to save you time when you’ve been out of the application for a while. Pull to refresh also goes back in time.”

Elon Musk’s Twitter deal has been temporarily put on hold due to spam / fake accounts. Twitter said that fake or unwanted accounts accounted for less than 5% of its daily active revenue-generating users. Elon Musk’s team will take a random sample of 100 Twitter followers to find out more about fake accounts. The revelation of the sample size put Elon Musk in the soup, as he received a call from Twitter accusing him of violating the non-disclosure agreement. “It really happened,” Elon Musk wrote on Twitter in disbelief.

“Anyone who thought having libs would be cheap never tried to get a social media company … At least that’s what lib hivemind thinks, haha,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

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