Elon Musk announces release of Elden Ring, and fans of the software are confused

Elon Musk may be the CEO of Tesla, the future owner of Twitter and a billionaire, but according to almost everyone, the construction of the Elden Ring could use some work. Like, a lot of work.

Musk, who is currently facing charges of sexual misconduct, is a big fan of the game, having tweeted about it several times since its release. More recently, Musk uploaded to Twitter that “The Elden Ring, experienced as a whole, is the most beautiful art I have ever seen.” When asked what kind of character he played in From Software’s successful RPG, Musk replied that he was “a power magician, but decent with a sword / katana”. He then followed it with a screenshot of its construction, noting that “its equipped load will be lower if fast scrolling is required”.

Elden Ring fans are, to put it mildly, very confused from the character of Musk’s Elden Ring. He claims to be a magician (and indeed has many points in Intelligence and Mind), but wears heavy armor and is equipped with not one, but two swords. The swords are equipped in the same hand with his stick, which means that he can not cast spells and attack with his weapon easily, but he has to exchange them with each other, with the left slit dedicated exclusively to holding one of the two his shields.

He notes that he will lower the load of his equipment if necessary, but for some reason he has two heavy shields equipped, which is completely unnecessary and just adds unnecessary weight to the load of his equipment. Spell characters usually want to wear lighter armor that allows them to escape evil quickly, but Musk’s character instead has a heavy load of equipment that will force him to do the terrible “fat roll” if he tries to avoid any enemy attacks. The fact that it has so many weapons and shields means that most of them may not have been upgraded as much as they could, as upgrade materials such as the higher level Smithing Stones may be in limited supply for much of the game. As a result of not sticking with a shield and a sword, he loses higher defense and damage that would be provided by fully upgraded equipment.

His amulets are just as tangled. It uses Radagon’s Soreseal, which boosts Strength, Endurance, Strength and Dexterity statistics, but at a 15% higher cost. This is a terrific Talisman for a character that focuses on casting, as it primarily benefits characters based on natural weapons. Musk appears to be using another Talisman, the Crimson Amber Medalion, to boost his HP to offset the negative effects of Radagon Soreseal. Also plays the amulet of the green turtle, which enhances the recovery of endurance. It is a wonderful Talisman, but it is more suitable for natural characters who often roll and use their weapons to cause damage. Musk’s character, according to his tweets, does not do any of these things well. However, it uses the Graven School Talisman, which enhances the power of magic. So, at least it makes sense.

It seems that the main problem with making Musk is that he is a fanatic and a carpenter. He wants to wear heavy armor and a shield, but also to be a spell. He wants to use spells, but also to be good with swords. As a result, its statistics, equipment and talismans are everywhere. Ultimately, if Musk’s construction works for him and he can pass it on to some of the game’s toughest bosses, then it can be considered a success. But fans would just like to know that there are so many, so many things he could do better.

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