Elena Rebakina wins Wimbledon women’s singles title, her first grand slam and first for Kazakhstan

Elena Rebakina wins Wimbledon women’s singles title, her first grand slam and first for Kazakhstan

Elena Rebakina wins Wimbledon women’s singles title, her first grand slam and first for Kazakhstan

Rebakina defeated world number three Ans Jabier in three sets to win the final 3-6 6-2 6-2.

The 23-year-old, appearing in her first Grand Slam final, started slowly, but gradually found her rhythm and strong service to break the grip.

Rebakina, who was born in Russia but has represented Kazakhstan for five years, was the youngest female finalist at Wimbledon since Garbin Muguroza was seven years old.

But at the end of a thrilling contest, Rebakina topped the Venus rose water dish as she was named Wimbledon champion for the first time.

Later in her interview in court, Rebakina’s first feeling was one of relief.

“I was very nervous during the game before the game and I’m glad it ended,” she told Seo Barker in center court.

“Honestly I’ve never felt that way, I want to thank people for their support, those two weeks weren’t believable.

“But I also want to congratulate Annes on a great game and what you’ve got. I think you’re an inspiration to everyone. You have an amazing game. We don’t have anyone like that on the trip and It’s a pleasure to play. ” I run so hard against you, I don’t think I need any more fitness.

Rebakina added: “It’s true, I didn’t expect to be in the second week of the Grand Slam at Wimbledon. Winning is just amazing. I have no words to say how happy I am.”

“But I wouldn’t be here without my team, so I want to thank them a lot. I want to thank my coach, my sponsors, everyone. The most important thing is my parents, they are.” I’m not here. I’m so sorry. My sister is here. This is the third time she’s been on a trip to visit. I’m glad she’s here. “

Rebekah won the trophy by winning the Wimbledon women's singles title.

The first steps

It took just a few games of the final for the first shock. Great-serving Rebekah, who left just one set in the entire tournament before the final, was defeated by Jabbar in the third game to take the first lead.

And in Rebekah’s next service game, she was forced to save as many break points as her first set chances seemed to stand still, but she was able to stop the mighty Jabber.

A few games later, by performing the service, the Jabber Dogs came back and opened the game with three set points that gave her a chance to take the first set. She happily held both hands.

Jaber celebrates a one-point win over Rebakina.

However, despite the confusion in the open set, Rebakina started the second frame hard. Behind her exact return, she broke the live gig in her open service game that surprised everyone to watch.

By taking the first lead, Rebakina almost gave up his advantage soon after, needing to block multiple break points before gaining a two-game lead in the set.

And, under the blue sky of London and the bright sun, the next few games between the two stars passed very little.

Rebekah celebrated against Jabbar during the women's singles final at Wimbledon.

Both have to eliminate break-even opportunities from their opponents to continue to serve as they have shown the skills that have outpaced their opponents in previous rounds.

But, Rebekah once again defeated Jabbar – who looked very strong in the first set – in the second set, taking a 4-1 command lead.

And with the set in line, she rediscovered her usual destructive serving skills, struggling at first, clicking hard to send the decision-maker to the set.

After a short break to regulate water and nerves, tennis continued on the fever field.

Rebekah once again beat Tunisia to regulate the first pace, with a pair of exchanges. And in a tough final set, it was Kazakhstan who got even stronger and stronger, finally winning their first Grand Slam title with another strong serve game.

Rebekah celebrates defeating Jabbar and winning the women's singles title at Wimbledon.

Not only did she become the first player from her country to win a Grand Slam title, she also became the youngest Wimbledon champion since 2011.

For Jabbar, she was looking to write her name in the history books, becoming the first Arab or African athlete to reach the Grand Slam title.

When asked about inspiring young players home, she jokingly said, “Elena stole my title but that’s right!”

“I love this tournament and I’m really sad, but I’m trying to inspire more generations from my country. I hope they hear.”

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