DC area forecast: A stray rain until tomorrow. Rain and thunderstorms possible on Friday

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A somewhat subjective rating of the daytime weather, on a scale from 0 to 10.

7/10: Plenty of clouds on the cool side, but also mostly dry and quite comfortable. Better than the 90s, right?

  • Today: Mostly partly cloudy, with spray or light rain? High: Close to 70.
  • Tonight: Cloudy, occasionally light showers / rain. Low: Over 50s to close to 60s.
  • Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy, possibility of isolated rain / shower. High: Low until the mid-1970s.

Mostly cloudy today and tomorrow, but there is not much rain, although at times it is possible to get light rain. Friday brings a lot of chances for rain and thunderstorms, but will they escape for the holiday weekend? Models deal with this, though the latest trend is towards a drier and brighter forecast with temperatures rising until the 1980s.

Today (Wednesday): Maybe a stray rain at some point today, but otherwise dry despite the mostly to partly cloudy sky. Temperatures start in the morning in the 50’s with the afternoon highs reaching close to 70. The winds are weak from northeast and east. Confidence: Moderate-High

Tonight: The skies remain cloudy with the possibility of isolated rain or rain as the light wind continues from the east. The lows return to the upper 50 and close to 60. Confidence: Moderate-High

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Tomorrow (Thursday): After the possibility of a solitary morning shower or intermittent drizzle, most of the day should be dry again despite the higher humidity. Temperatures are slightly higher with highs in the lows until the mid-1970s under mostly cloudy skies. Confidence: Moderate-High

Tomorrow night: There is simply a chance of isolated rain during the night, followed by some rain or thunderstorms possible during the night. Southerly winds keep things mild as lows only fall in the 1960s. Confidence: Moderate

Occasional rain and thunderstorms seem like a good bet Friday with highs in the mid-1970s to close to 80s. Rains and thunderstorms remain likely until Friday night, although the odds should be reduced, with lows in the 60s. Confidence: Low-Medium

For Memorial Day Weekend forecast, the models ranged between somewhat wet and mostly dry (yes we know, not so useful). The latest trends are towards a drier and brighter forecast, although Saturday still has significant chances for prolonged rains and the overall confidence of the forecast remains rather low. Temperatures target highs close to 80s on Saturdays, from lows to mid-80s on Sundays and from mid-80s on Mondays. Confidence: Low-Medium

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