Dauntless releases the Massive Third-Anniversary Patch

Dauntless releases the Massive Third-Anniversary Patch

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Dauntless has just released update 1.10.2 to celebrate its third anniversary. To kick off this year ‘s anniversary celebrations, head to Ramsgate Square and talk to Bosun Markus Boehr. Right next to it is the statue of the First Slayer, a prominent landmark in Ramsgate. It will offer four new shipments. Completion rewards include exclusive Firelight Phoenix cosmetics, the title Legend of the Phoenix and Firelight sword skin. Players can relive the battle between Shrowd and Rezakiri in a brand new event hunt: First Slayer’s Legacy.

Trials of Lady Luck is now available

Only the toughest Slayers can enter Lady Luck’s deadly arena offering exclusive rewards and basic resources. Earn steel and gold-plated badges to buy products exclusively for testing and be publicly recognized in the Wall of Champions rankings. New trials will be added each week in which players can participate. If you are a younger player, you can enroll in Regular Tests instead of Prestige. There will also be Normal and Prestige Armor that players can earn by completing the tests each week. It’s one of the most popular activities at the end of the game and you could have your name on the leaderboards if you perform well.

New Slayer Quest updates

The developers have taken a look at how new Slayers are being trained in the Shattered Isles and have modified the original missions. This first set of changes is small, but it lays the groundwork for what is to follow. Combat advantages are presented when a player needs them and knows what he is doing. The goal is to make sure all new players have clear goals to work on from the first signing to the completion of the Heroic Escalation over time.

New Return to Light Story Quest

The story of Atromitos continues. Finally, one of Ramsgate’s allies can lend a hand and it is up to the players to learn how Scarred Master and his monks relate to the radiant ether. The mission takes players deeper into the story than ever before and some long-standing questions are finally answered. The new update is one of the biggest Dauntless has ever received. The rewards for the third anniversary look very exciting and you should get them as soon as possible. To see the full patch notes, click here. Our guide covers you if you want to see everything you need to know about cross-storage and cross-cutting in Dauntless.

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